Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Continuing the conversation and please help!

Just a couple things:

The rug:  I kept it.  It is living happily in my living room.  After some serious vacuuming, it is behaving nicely, and I'm thrilled.  J is still not a fan, but I love it!!  Thanks to all for your input!! 

My shoes:  Thanks for all the compliments on my family picture shoes.  I love them too.  For those asking:  I got them a few years ago at Dillards, a store in St. Louis.  We don't have it here in Seattle (you Midwesterners are so lucky), but it is a Jessica Simpson shoe, if that helps at all.  I did make and attach the flowers, and I am going to do a tutorial on the super easy flowers.  Stay tuned.

Now, a problem:  Believe it or not, my blog told me that I ran out of picture space.  I don't know what to do.  The options that I can think of are

1-Pay an annual fee for more space.  (Not a fan of this one)

2-Start a new blog. (Not a big fan of this one, either)

3-Only writing/no pictures on this blog (Again,...)

4-Start a new blog and put an update link on this one going to the new one. (you guessed it...)

5-Don't blog anymore. (um...)

Has anyone encountered this before?  Or heard of it?  What should I do?  I have a couple things already uploaded, but after that, no more pictures!!  Help, please!!

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Jessica B said...

This happened to me over a year ago. I broke down and bought more space and haven't had trouble since. If I remember right, it was only $5 a year. Does that sound right? I know it was over a year ago that I had to do it because I had to renew recently. I thought it was worth it. I have had several friends have to buy space too.

Aubrey said...

You have to keep doing a blog, no matter what. And you have to keep including all your great pictures! I hope you figure out the problem. If it's only $5 a year, I'll pay for it, or I bet J will pay for it, if we ask nicely :) I would miss your blog tremendously if anything happened to it. I want you to post more, not less :) Love you guys!

HangerMom said...

I have not run into that, despite blogging for nearly five years on the same site. How odd. Maybe it's because I make all the pictures smaller before uploading them so that they don't take as much space? I do that mostly as a service to my Grandma, who has a slow computer, but maybe it's saved me some issues. I had no idea they were limiting the photo space.

Is there any chance that you could upload photos to Picasa (since it's part of this big, happy, google family with blogger) and link to them to make them show up in your blog, instead of uploading pics directly into blogger? I have no idea - just tossing the idea out.

Jessica said...

This just happened to us on Little Birdie Secrets! Instead of uploading the picture from your computer, upload it first to another photo hosting service (photobucket, picasa, etc). Then you can copy and paste the link to the picture and put that in the "from the web" space on the Picture gadget.

Hope that makes sense!

Things' Mommy said...

Ah! Genius!! Thanks, everyone! Jess, that totally worked! It's another step, but it's just what I need! Thanks! Wow, that's a lot of exclamation points!

Anonymous said...

you have to keep blogging! So I encourage you to do whatever you must! Just sayin' ~Anisa

the3girls said...

Melynie, all I know is that you have to keep blogging. You make me happy! Erinn