Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yet More of the Darndest

They just don't stop.  They don't.

Girlie:  For a long time I thought that the handicapped parking pictures were of people sitting on the potty. I thought that people who really needed to go potty could park there so that they could get to the bathroom really quick.

At breakfast one morning:

Sammy:  Hey, let's play 'I Spy'.  Okay, I spy with my little eye, something that is black.
Me:  Is it a sign that says 'You need to eat your breakfast before you play this game'?
Sammy:  No.  (pause, wrinkles up his forehead) I don't think we even have a sign like that.


Every time I turn onto an on ramp.

"Free-way en-trance.  This is the freeway?  I love the freeway!!!"


Ah, my little Buddy.  I wish you could spend some time with this kid.  He's actually our funniest kid.  He's had speech delays, and has apparently compensated with facial expressions and body language.  It's hilarious to see a 3 year old look disgusted, put out, or shocked.  He can roll his eyes with the best of them.  So, he's more of a 'visual' funny guy.  He's much improved thanks to weekly speech therapy, and can even say whole prayers by himself.  They usually go something like this:

"Dew Heavy Fa-yer, Dear Heavenly Father,

Fakey fo mine day. Thank Thee for my day. Fakey fo mine famee. Thank Thee for my family (and then he names each of us). Fakey for bookies (bookies are blankets), an puppies, an pate paint, an coe-tins curtains (I recently redid the boys room, in case you're not getting that), an diggos diggers, an dup chucks dump trucks.  Pease hep me be good boy, obey Mommy an Daddy. Name Jeez Kise, Eemen."

Oh, I just love it.