Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Intentions

Well, I had great intentions to try and do a massive picture update.  Then, it would appear, the blog gods frowned upon me and I can't seem to upload any pictures.  Weird.  Annoying.  So, I'll ramble on for a bit...

I've got a bit of a conundrum, and I'm not sure how to fix it.  Or rather, fix me.  It seems that I'm a study in contradiction, and I'm making me crazy.  One part of me, the interior designer part, is very particular.  I like things a certain way--arranged a certain way, treated a certain way, stored a certain way.  And I try very hard to make the offspring conform to my lofty ideals.  Then there is another (equally loud), artist part of me that firmly believes in coloring outside the lines, thinking outside the box, basically laughing in the face of traditional "normal" confines.

Gracious living.  We don't clomp, we delicately stride.  We don't plop, we seat ourselves nicely.  We don't wear shoes in the house, we deposit them neatly on the shelves that Daddy built.  It's how we behave so that we can develop good manners and preserve my home.


The other part of me thinks--well, if you're going to be an astronaut, of course you need to wear your snow boots.  That only makes sense.  And, while you shouldn't really use the ottoman to vault, my goodness that was good form.  And even though now I've got diapers all over kingdom come, I can see that you needed to cut up the box to make surf boards.  Because, after all, you did make one for everyone.  I get it when they come in asking for pipe cleaners, or use entire rolls of tape.  I would like to do that too. 

The crazy-haired artist in me doesn't seem to bat an eye when they need to use chopsticks for an art project or when they ask me for wood scraps or paint or glue.  And while I don't enjoy having my fabric stash raided, that's sometimes the only way you can make a cape with an "E" on the back.  I wish a little that I noticed before they pillaged my cache of extra glue sticks, but I can understand that it takes a "pretty much" of glue to get that big of a box stuck together.  I'm sympathetic to their need to use the recyclables for projects (...the way I hang old windows on my walls like art...).

It's just hard, because then the interior designer comes out and says "Why are all these cardboard scraps in my house?  Who decided to make a boat out of the sofa?  Where are my measuring cups??? Why can't this house stay clean for more than two minutes??"  And it doesn't help that I have a love-hate-but-mostly-hate relationship with house cleaning. 

But.  I figure that when they're all grown, I will miss the slide-wagon-crate concoctions I find in the back yard.  That I'll wish I had a few more strawberry box snail habitats around.  That I'll have to make the bath crayon pictures on the shower walls all by myself.  And I'll probably be very bored with a house of quiet, gracious living.

I'm going to go pass out glue sticks now before my kids grow up.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog.

I'd almost entirely forgotten.

We are in a busy season.  First, I've got four kids, so busy season will last for the next 18 years.  Then, J works crazy hours as his fiscal year comes to a budget-crazed close.  At night I kiss him, tell him I miss him, and I'll see him in July.  I've also got 3 birthdays and a baptism in the next month.  Wow, I only thought about what a nice time of year it was to have a baby.  I didn't consider what all the birthday parties would do to me (mentally).  So much to keep straight.

The first "party" will be for this guy.  He found Sammy's old cowboy boots, and dubbed them "My Woody Boots."  He will wear them with anything.

Or, nothing.

Someday he'll regret I took this picture.  And then someday after that, his wife will love it.

I started out big with birthdays.  Creating a 'beach' in the backyard and whatnot.  My friends called me crazy.  Now I agree.  As my third child, this little friend hasn't actually had a party-party with friends yet.  I thought it was time.  But actually, he's only having one little friend over.  So it will be more like a playdate with cupcakes.  I was trying to decide what he would really like to do on his birthday.  Not what I thought he should think was fun, but what he would enjoy.  When I really thought about what he asks for, it is two things: Go home and Eat.  So, probably our day will be spent staying home and eating.  I'm okay with that.

Speaking of eating, can I just say I love it?  My post-30 metabolism has other thoughts on the matter, but, man, food is so great.  I didn't always feel this way, because in high school it was more an "eat to live" philosophy, except maybe when there was a prom dress involved.  Then it was "eat later".  Don't worry, no eating disorders here.  Just a skinny dress.  Anyway, I have discovered such a joy in food.  I love to cook, love fresh flavors, love to feed people I love good food.  And then, of course, there's cheesecake, a matter unto itself.  A bunch of my friends just started their own "Biggest Loser" contest.  I thought about joining in the fun, but I've got a brand new cookbook and a 1/2 gallon of whipping cream in my fridge that say I won't win.  I'm really excited about these new recipes.  They all look delicious, and I think they're my speed.  If I look at food in steps, it sort of looks like this:

Fast food
Hamburger Helper
How I like to cook
Martha Stewart

I'll never be Martha. Ingredients like "the nectar of an exotic flower that grows only in a specific Tahitian jungle" is a little more hard-core than I can do.  I do appreciate roasted veggies and the occasional fancy cheese, though.  So, stop by my place.  We'll have some tasty goings on here.

Well, there you go.  Some randomness from me.  Soon I'll post on what we've been up to the past couple months.  The good, the bad, and the hilarious.

Have a delicious day.