Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh, There Were Tears

You may see the smiles, but let me tell you, there were tears.  Oh, such tears.  The wrinkly face trying to hold them in, the blinking them back, yet they came.  Pouring out.  Every morning for a full week.  None of us were ready for summer to end.  The pain of getting back into a schedule, the SEPARATION from mama bear!  Tears, I tell you!!

Lucky for the kids, I held them back until they were mostly out of sight and into the classroom.

But when they were gone and I was all alone, except for Buddy and Sweetie...I bawled.  The kind of heaving, high pitched whine followed by the gasping for breath and trying to clear my vision enough to see my way out of the parking lot crying. 

The best part was that instead of the sweet, sincere sympathy only a small child (Buddy) can give, I got imitation--imitation!!!--fake, whiney imitation followed by giggles and "You're so funny, Mommy!"

Two fantastic teachers, two excited kiddos (who haven't even thought of shedding a tear).

School is back.

3 love notes:

Aubrey said...

You're such a sweet Mom. I was pretty thrilled to have my kids go back to school. Joy and I really enjoy our quiet mornings.

Jessica said...

I remember thinking something was wrong at church when I saw you crying and you said, "Riley is in Kindergarten!". You really are so sweet. Those kids know they are so adored by you.

dan[and]rach said...

that's so sweet :) i am excited to feel that way! you're a great mom :)