Saturday, September 17, 2011

A little like giving a mouse a cookie...{hall & bath makeovers}

I told you I had plans for that humongous window hanging out in my living room, right?  So here's what I did with it.  The only 'before' picture I could find of my weird little hallway was when we first moved in.  So here's the 'way before'.

And here's the after:

Of course, said J, why wouldn't we hang a window in front of the window?  That's just common sense.

And then I went after the powder bath, since it was right next to the hallway.


And then I bought this little sign:

So of course I had to go antiquing to find an old frame to put around it:

And then the black and white of the sign reminded me of the fabric I had left over from the kitchen valance,

Which made me think that buying some fancy-fancy chair rail and painting it black (and painting the wall white since I had the paint stuff out) would be a good idea...

as well as hunting down some old French books
(So that any French people who use our bathroom have something to read? --J)

and French made me think of lavender, naturally...

so I thought I'd hang it all on my wall...

and then maybe I stopped because my husband is "project'd out."  But I'd have a new powder bath, and it would smell like lavender.  And then I'd go looking for a new sign.

I think this is one of my favorite projects!  What do you think?

5 love notes:

HangerMom said...

I think J and I have a similar sense of humor :).

But truly, it's lovely! I wish I had that level of creativity, and the motivation to go with it. Jealous.

JustusFam said...

I think your amazingly talented and if I ever buy another house I am SO picking your brain for ideas!!!

Jessica said...


dave&hannah said...

ooo this looks better than I imagined!! I love seeing it with the chair rail and lavender up! It looks like such a cute and fun bathroom to use! haha :)

Little Birdie Secrets said...

You NEED to remind me to check your blog! I am so bad about reading blogs. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the window and powder room! I wish I had your creative mind. And the comments from J. I can seriously hear those things coming out of C's mouth. Oh, makes me miss you guys so much!!!