Thursday, August 21, 2014

On the Market

So it's the end of an era.  We're moving.  But it's only a mile away.  Same friends, same school, same ward (church), same Costco.  So really it's only the half-end of an era.  I've spent the summer doing The Thing I Hate (Almost) the Most--selling my house.  It goes right up there with getting shots, standardized testing, and having sand in my teeth.  I have cleaned, touched up, repainted, steam cleaned, and de-decorated the heck out of it.  That's right, I totally stripped it of personality.  You know, so that other people can "picture themselves living here."  I love my house so much, I can't imagine anyone not wanting to live here!  We got pictures taken of our house, and of course the professional house photographer stretched and warps the rooms, but they are.  Just for fun, here's one last tour of my house.

I'm going to have to find a new place for my old, giant window.  J is super excited about that. ;)

Not kidding, they photoshopped a fire in the fireplace.

Note the lack of party lights and buntings.  It made me want to cry.

My new mini chandelier, after the first one became the casualty of an overzealous fly swatter.

My table isn't actually 20 ft long.

Yes, my room is always this neat.  ...

And so is my bathroom.

The 'play' room.  Doesn't it just feel like Welcome, Children!

Poor Sweetie.  We took down her toddler bed.  We hide her mattress in the closet and bring it out at night.  Like we're hiding our secret Fourth Child.

The boys' pictures have been replaced by cute fabric that I bought for a quilt I intended to make 3 years ago.

No garden this year.  Only those hardy green onions that just won't go down without a fight.

I will miss the Japanese maples, lavender bushes, blueberry bushes, and lilac bushes.  I think they will miss me, too.
So many fun, happy, hilarious memories here.  Some of the other kind too, but I only remember the good (a memory trait for which J is very grateful). We have lived, here. Really lived.  We have loved it and we're sad to say "see ya around".