Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grocery Shopping with Sam Sam

Okay, who wants to go grocery shopping with me??
I know, me neither, but I have an $8 off coupon that expires today.

No, you need to change.
Because we just can't wear swimsuits to the store.
We just can't.
Fine. But your shirt doesn't match.

Now, guys, when we get to the store, we can't use a race car cart--baby Red doesn't fit in one.
Because baby Red doesn't fit in it.
Because baby Red doesn't fit in it.
He just doesn't.

Um, I guess you can hang on the side, but you have to be REALLY careful and hang on tight.
Please don't throw your head back.
Just stand up straight. Seriously, you're going to get schmucked.
I'm not kidding, you're going to--
We'll put ice on it at home.

No, we don't need lettuce. Or that lettuce. Nope, not that one either.
Eggs, I do need eggs. Just one, just one.
Please put those eggs down.


Okay, help me pick out some good bananas! Be soft, soft--oh, don't toss them, please!
No twist ties in our noses. Please.
Okay, I need four refrigerated cans of pizza dough. Can you please put them softly in the cart?
Oh, please stop dropping them on the eggs. Not the eggs.


Then you'd better hurry up. We're going. Seriously. Okay, bye.

I can't believe that you can run and jump and grab onto a moving cart! That was hilarious. You should be a stunt man.

A stunt man.

It's a guy who--never mind. Forget it. Let's not give you any ideas.

Okay, bread is next.
No, that loaf of bread is $5. Let's get this one instead. Put it right there in the cart.
Please stop kicking the bread.

Hamburger. How does this one look? No, stop poking holes.
I know it's squishy. I know. It doesn't matter.

Almost done. Let's go.
Please stop shouting "It's a disaster!!"
What is that from? Ratatouille? Sheesh...

Can you help me load things onto the counter? No, this counter.
The lady needs them on this side, you don't have to walk around to give it to her.

Please stop yelling "It's a DISASTER!"

I'm not kidding.

Can you get buckled into your seat? Go ahead, get buckled in. No, you're not a big boy yet.
I know, yes, you're a big boy. Not big enough.
When you're fifteen.

Sammy, it's not a disaster.

Oh, shoot, I forgot to get that rain check...
Forget not worth it...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Where'd the Summer Go??

So, clearly we've been busy. Last post, Little Red had just joined our family. Now, he's two months old and weighing in at a whopping 14 lbs and 23 inches long. He's at that adorable chubby baby stage where it looks like he has rubber bands around his wrist and his thighs look like a little stack of tires. I could just eat him up.

He's a fantastic baby. One of those "angel babies" J and I have only ever heard about. He is happy as can be, usually, and has a gummy grin that fills his whole double-chinned face. He loves his sleep (must get that from me), and goes to sleep for the night at about 9:30/10:00 p.m. This morning we had to wake him up to nurse at 7:00 a.m.

A lot has happened this past little while. J took a two week vacation, I mean, business trip to China and Hong Kong. It was a fabulous experience. He had a great time and brought back lots of treats for everyone. The kids and I stayed down in Kansas with Grandma and Grandpa the whole time, where we got to see all of my siblings except Mr. and Mrs. Las Vegas. The kids had a blast playing with everyone, taking summer classes (Tinkerbell, Tumbling, Thomas the Tank Engine, Musical Instruments, and Ballet), swimming, going to the park, and visiting Grandpa's "foot office."

Girlie is set to start KINDERGARTEN next month. Very, very big, traumatic time for me. She's revvin' to go, I'm having bad dreams about the bus. The only things I'm looking forward to are buying school supplies (why is that always so fun for me?) and the outfits. I do love to dress her. I've always thought that if another daughter isn't in the cards for me, at least the one I have is as sweet and girlie as I could ever want. Little diva, she does wardrobe changes at least hourly. Sometimes more. ...Not sure how she's going to handle staying in one outfit for an entire afternoon at school...

Sam Sam is as wild as ever. He's making up for Girlie never doing the whole "terrible twos" thing. He's full of life, energy, enthusiasm. One volume: LOUD. One speed: FAST. One way: HIS. He keeps things fun and interesting. He adores "his baby." He loves him very...vigorously. Several times a day he comes up and says, "Mommy, I just love my baby."

I've just started getting out to playgroups, church, running errands with all three kids. It's actually going okay. We've even done a couple movies, including Wall-E. Sam Sam does Wall-E's "Eve-a!!" imitation perfectly and it's hilarious. Anyway, we've started to get into the groove of life, then I look up and think, "Where'd the summer go??"