Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keepin' It Real

A hilarious e-card on Facebook read "I live in a madhouse ruled by a tiny army that I created."  Truer words were never spoken, friends.  Don't smile like it's not true, you know it is!

I find myself going through my day, mentally jotting down a million things that I must remember to record because they were so hilarious or darling.  My days are like wild rollercoasters, that I am clinging to with the last bits of my unmanicured nails.

I love the questions I'm asked like "Can I be a ninja when I grow up?" (yes, as long as you're a good ninja) or "Are clouds living creatures?" (no, but if they were we could get one for a pet).  Those are questions from this kid:
Wear a bucket on your head.  Whatever.

Buddy brought this home from preschool and explained the life cycle of a butterfly.  "First, the butterfly is a marshmallow.  Then it turns into a gummy worm.  Then it forms a tootsie roll around itself, and then it turns into a cracker!!"  See, now what was all this chrysalis talk when I was growing up?

Right before Easter, I made my kiddos dress up like Christmas because I never got a picture of it.  That RS gig has me hopping.

Speaking of Easter, we had the most beautiful naturally colored eggs you've ever laid your eyes on.

And I made some super easy Easter egg placemats.  I'll post a tutorial on them next year.  Which is super fast, considering that I started this project when Girlie was 2.  Not kidding.

And someday, probably this summer, I will get around to dressing my kids up in their Easter clothes and taking pictures.  Look for it.

I asked Sweetie if she had drawn on her legs.  She said no.  Buddy suggested that it was just hair.  That's some wowza hair.  I'm actually glad that a disproportionate amount of this post is focused on Buddy.  We just read "The Birth Order Book" for book club and I'm afraid that I'm ruining him in classic 'middle child' kind of way.
Here's an awkward selfie. 
In an effort to 'take a picture every day this year', March 10th's picture was of me.  In front of the court house.  Having just paid $200 for going what I thought was 6 miles over the speed limit.
There have been better days.
Not much better than days like this.  As we got out of the car at the YMCA, Buddy smiled up at the world and said, "Well, it's a beautiful sunny day today!"  He was being totally serious, my poor Seattle baby.
There was a spot of hope today.  I was washing dishes when I happened upon a spot of blue sky-it's right behind the trees.  You may have to click on the photo to see it.  But it's there.  Speaking of things that are there, are we loving my tiny chandelier?  It's a Christmas ornament that was love at first sight at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  I hung it up to make doing the dishes feel a little fancier.
I opened up a cupboard to find this.  This is just one of many 'surprises' that greet me every. time. I. turn. around.
Chaos.  Chaos is a monster that I battle daily.  Most of the time I lose, I'll be honest.  And don't get me started on laundry.  I do a dozen loads a week.  If I even hesitate in the conquest for victory over The Laundry, all the clothes decide to get dirty at the same time, take on a life force of its own and devour me.  And my bedroom floor.  As pictured below.
That's something that you won't see on Pinterest.


In other news, here's my spring mantel.  Let me know if you have questions.

I got irritated at my garden last year for its lack of vegetables.  So I showed it who's boss by planting a bunch of flowers in it.

Sweetie likes to 'mommy' us by bringing blankets and pillows and tucking us in.  It's heaven.  Especially the part where she come to cuddle us.

We spent a good 1,700 hours shelling peanuts so we could make our own peanut butter.  Totally fun activity.  The kids loved it.  I hoped that it would give them appreciation for what I do three times a day, given their loose interpretation of "finish all your food".  We'll see.

Finally, I found this.  And liked it enough to share it.
Much love, Melynie