Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So She Turned 3...

...which is weird, of course, since I was just pregnant with her five minutes ago. And somehow I blinked, then suddenly she was a bubbly, beautiful toddler with a headful of curls that just won't quit and a voice that could talk me into a pony. 
We call her "Little Thing".  And she, in turn, calls us "Yiddo Feen".
And she wanted a princess party.  But then she wanted ponies.  And because it hurt my brain to try to mesh a princess-pony party together, I convinced her to stick with a Pony Party this year.  She invited 3 little friends to celebrate with us.

All the kids got hats and bandanas.  I envisioned them all donning their party threadz all cutely, and playing and riding ponies.  We'll just say that's how it went down. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Pin the Tail on the Horse. 
Artwork by Girlie, washable paint on posterboard. 

She is the most darling, sweet, FUN, delightful girl.  I am truly convinced that God sent her to me for sunshine in grey Seattle.  There IS sunshine in her soul, and she shines it on everyone around her.  She loves animals, princesses, ponies, dolls, playing with her siblings, riding bikes, swinging, splashing.  She loves to make messes, and can do wonders with nail polish and a sharpie.
Her laugh is infectious, and she can worm her way into your heart, your arms, your bed, and the gum in your purse before you even know it.  I have enjoyed every minute of her life.
I am a blessed mama.
Happy birthday, baby girl!