Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wreath Storage

I had a problem: a pile of wreaths in my office needed a home where they wouldn't get too beat up.
My solution:  in that same office was a wall with nothing on it.

And the wreath wall was born.

I used a level, and spaced the nails out about 21 inches.  I also had an extra (homeless) window, so I nailed hanging brackets on the back and hung a wreath on it using a big loop of jewelry hemp.  That way, I don't have to nail anything into the front of the window frame and I don't have to worry about different wreath sizes being centered.

As far as storage options go, I like it better than a Rubbermaid tote.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Not sure what else to say about about my preschooler...

Bedtime stories, anyone?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pint-sized Fairy Tale

The Princess and the Frog

Once upon a time, there was a lovely little princess whose mother adored her and loved taking hundreds of photos of her, but that is not really part of the story.

The princess loved to play and sing and laugh, and squeal occasionally.  And she'd look in her magic mirror.  And it would tell her that she was still the Sweetest in All the Land.

  And she'd feel happy about that.

So she'd gaze into the sunset...

...until she got tired at her 7:00 bedtime.

She loved to wave to the crowds, and they loved to tickle her and feed her rice cereal.

And she was always a lady

...and well groomed.

But she had to make sure that no one was following her.  Stranger--danger, you know.

She had a ball that she loved to play with.  Mostly because it was pink and smelled like strawberries.

But one day, she wasn't watching and...

it rolled away.  'Oh no!', cried the Princess.

She was heartbroken.  And then she heard a voice.  It was a frog and he said that he could rescue her ball, but she had to kiss him.

"Oh, dear," she thought.  "That is rather gross."

They settled on a firm handshake instead.

Suddenly, the frog turned into...Obi Wan Kenobi!!

"My hero!" exclaimed the Princess.

And they lived happily, albeit seriously, ever after.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Yum, can you feel it?  The world is waking up  It's almost gardening season.  I can't wait.  This year, I'll battle the bunnies and slugs, and I will grow.  Flowers, veggies, lavender, basil, rosemary, and other assorted herbs.  Because it's just that fun.

Yesterday as the littles and I were leaving to pick up Girlie from school, I stepped out into the sunshine.  It was so wonderful, I couldn't help but sing out opera-style "The SUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!" for the whole world to hear.  We picked up Girlie, and when we got home, she hopped out of the van into the sunshine...and sang out opera-style "The SUUUUUUUUUNNN!"  Truly my daughter. :)  Priceless.

Look at these stinkin' cute garden markers I found at Target's dollar spot.

And I even treated myself to new gardening gloves.  A tiny bit clownish, you think?

I'm ready for the sweet smell of hyacinths.  That reminds me of the other day...

"Hi, M.  How's it going?"
"Hi, Chris (salesguy for our subdivision, across the street)."
What are you doing?
Oh, um, counting to see how many hyacinths survived the bunnies.
What?  A bunch got eaten by the bunnies.
You're counting what?  Flowers?
Yeah, bulbs I planted in the fall.  They're sprouting, but a bunch got eaten.
I don't get it.  You're counting flowers?
Okay, well, have a good day.
You too, Chris.

That was a difficult conversation...

And packets of seeds of all the deliciousness I plan to grow.

Like peas.

Right here.

My tulips that are starting to show their faces around these parts.

And primroses that I couldn't resist at the store.  They wanted to come home with me.

They promised to be good.

So far, so good.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Girls' Room Makeover

Remember?  This is what my girls' room used to look like.

Now, (only) eight months after my baby has arrived (and after a lot of projects and work), it looks like this:

Sweetie's side.

The rug was $20, Target.  It somehow went perfectly with the quilt tops I made from Moda's 'Hunky Dory' line of fabric.

Okay, let's be honest, the quilts aren't done.  Just the tops.  But I didn't want to wait another eight months to take pictures.

I can't put a bedskirt on the crib, because there is a vent underneath it.  So I settled for decorating with a little tulle.  It made the metal frame just a little more girly.  I found the sheet in Target clearance for $5.

Do you love this fabric??

Found this gem of a lampshade in my favorite shop in all of Kansas, Posh.  It is not J's favorite shop.

I made this picture out of matching quilt fabric.  The background is French book pages.  I loved it so much I made some more.

This mirrored hook I found at an antique shop.

The holdbacks were from a different antique shop.  Also not J's favorite shop.

The curtains were from Ikea.

Alas, our old crib was part of the recall.  Darn it, I had to pick a new one.

My friend knew my fabric and made me this garland to match.  What could be cuter than French dresses?

Love. it.

Girlie's side.

I already told you about the lamp and nightstand redo.

Found the chest at the end of the bed at a garage sale for $10.

Wouldn't you love to sleep here?