Friday, March 18, 2011

Girls' Room Makeover

Remember?  This is what my girls' room used to look like.

Now, (only) eight months after my baby has arrived (and after a lot of projects and work), it looks like this:

Sweetie's side.

The rug was $20, Target.  It somehow went perfectly with the quilt tops I made from Moda's 'Hunky Dory' line of fabric.

Okay, let's be honest, the quilts aren't done.  Just the tops.  But I didn't want to wait another eight months to take pictures.

I can't put a bedskirt on the crib, because there is a vent underneath it.  So I settled for decorating with a little tulle.  It made the metal frame just a little more girly.  I found the sheet in Target clearance for $5.

Do you love this fabric??

Found this gem of a lampshade in my favorite shop in all of Kansas, Posh.  It is not J's favorite shop.

I made this picture out of matching quilt fabric.  The background is French book pages.  I loved it so much I made some more.

This mirrored hook I found at an antique shop.

The holdbacks were from a different antique shop.  Also not J's favorite shop.

The curtains were from Ikea.

Alas, our old crib was part of the recall.  Darn it, I had to pick a new one.

My friend knew my fabric and made me this garland to match.  What could be cuter than French dresses?

Love. it.

Girlie's side.

I already told you about the lamp and nightstand redo.

Found the chest at the end of the bed at a garage sale for $10.

Wouldn't you love to sleep here?

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Laura F said...

SO CUTE! Did you cut off the posts on Girlie's bed, and did you paint the ceiling or was it already tan? I couldn't tell from the pictures. What a lot of work! I really love the fabrics and am so excited about your rug! I know, it's the little things. I love that it matched so perfectly!!

Amy said...

Lookin' darling, of course. We would expect no less from you.

Things' Mommy said...

Laura, the ceiling was actually already tan. J said no way we're painting it (apparently the wall painting and chair rail were enough for him). :) And, it is actually a different bed on Girlie's side, inherited from some friends.

dave&hannah said...

oooo, so fun, so fun! I love the vibrant green and the cutsie white furniture to "pop" it all. Fabric/patterns are adorable and... I HAVE slept there which is awesome!

Happy Mom said...

Adorable! Makes me want to redo my girls room!

Tasha said...

First Off, the room makeover looks great! I admire your talent to look at a room and concoct creative ideas and decor to fill it.
Thank you for your comment and offering of support on my most recent blog post. Your blog is honestly my absolute favorite to read (I like it so much that I’ve convinced my significantly blog-illiterate mom to read it too!). You are a fabulous mother who finds joy in mothering (and I’ve heard a lot moms complain about it). But you have such a great attitude and perspective and find time to enjoy it (and all of the funny things your kids say). Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with your writing and your support through this hard time!

The Cook Fam said...

Super cute!!! Love it. Obviously you've got a gift. Maybe you could try a little harder to rub off on me. :)

Jessica B said...

Love the room. It is adorable. I always make a trip to Posh when I am in Kansas. My husband is also not a fan. :)

Sarah Ringer said...

Oooo this makes me excited to redo my girls' room once we move to our new place in April! Love how it all turned out! Especially fun seeing the elephant alarm clock on the night stand :) And in case you need a little more motivation to come visit us here in Philadelphia, Nate and I discovered they have Posh here too!!! Nate said, just don't tell J or he won't LET you come visit :)

wright said...

Yes, I WOULD love to sleep there (: