Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mini Makeovers

I'm slowly making progress on my girls room.  Bit by bit it's coming together, and here's a couple befores and afters.

First, the  nightstand.  Inherited from my sister.  Love the lines; the fake gold leafing  not so much.  I sanded it down, primed it, then painted (the same paint I used for her walls) and distressed it.  J made fun of me ('okay, so you're making it the 'right' kind of old and beat up.  Gotcha.')



Next, this darling lamp was another hand me down.  It didn't have a shade when I got it, but I fixed that problem by buying just the right shade for Girlie's little nightstand,

 and following this tutorial for making rosettes, using this stuff:

came up with about 18 of these:

to make the finished lamp! 

Love mini makeovers!

7 love notes:

Bryner Family said...

That is beautiful! Such talent! :)

Amy said...

Very cute! Next you can come mini-makeover my entire house!

Jessica said...

you=amazing=why I'm your friend.

Tasha said...

I love what you've done to the furniture--including the stressed look!

wright said...

You are so talented!!

Gina said...

GREAT work, Melynie! You are so creative and have beautiful taste!

Happy Mom said...

The lamp just makes me happy!

Soooo cute!