Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Even More of the Darndest...

One day I found Sammy cooing over Sweetie.  He goes from tough guy to mush over this little girl.  "Oh, hello my little sweetie!  Hello my little putrid baby!  How is my little putrid doing?"  He went on like this for a while before I said, "Honey, do you know what 'putrid' means?"

He looked a little indignant,  "Yes, of course!  Putrid is that little naked baby who flies around shooting love arrows at people."



After a hurried morning to get four kids out the door for 2nd grade drop off, I sent the kids to get in the van.  I jumped in and looked in my rear view mirror.  And saw the kids both wearing goggles.
I laughed out loud and asked the kids what they were doing.  They leaned forward so I could see their backpacks.  I cocked my head, still confused.

Totally obvious, "Mommy, we're parachuters." 

Of course they're parachuters!

So, I obligingly accelerated so they could get a good liftoff, or whatever parachuters need.  Sammy called out on his hand radio "Echo base, echo base, come in Firewalker!"

That is an awesome way to start the day.


Sometimes my kids use words they don't know, in really funny ways.  Today, they were 'babysitting' Sweetie while I pulled a peach pie out of the oven.  They danced around her chanting "Car-bo-hy-drates!  Car-bo-hy-drates!"


The kids busied themselves this afternoon making leprechaun traps.  I overheard them as they were cutting up all sorts of recyclables.

Girlie:  Maybe we can make a slide under this rainbow so he'll go down into a trap!

Sammy (shaking his head, a little disgusted at her ignorance):  No, Girlie, leprechauns won't go down there if your rainbow colors are in the wrong order.


Overheard as I walked by the playroom:

Sammy:  Isn't Justin Bieber a girl?

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Aubrey said...

So cute! Thanks for the laugh, I needed that today. I agree with Sammy, the colors of the rainbow need to be in the right order to attract leprechauns! Do you have any recent pictures of your "putrid" baby? I'm sure she's so cute and so big!

Tasha said...

Thanks for the pick-me-up! Jeff would absolutely love the Justin Beiber one! And thanks for your comment on my previous post. It certainly has been difficult, but I appreciate your love and support!

Hannah K said...

oh my word! How much I love those kids and their extensive vocabulary. "putrid baby" may very well be my favorite!!!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

I cannot stress how much I LOVE these random moments when kids say the darndest things. You're kids are much more creative than mine using big words while mine are focused on poop and pee. I'll take it though. Love you my luff. Thanks for making me laugh today!

Miss Mim said...

How in the world do they know who JUSTIN BEIBER is??

Things' Mommy said...

Mim, clearly, he DOESN'T know who Justin Bieber is! :)

Aubs, I'll post a new pic soon!

Tasha, I'm thinking about you!


Luff, Oh, how I miss you!!!

Amy said...

Love it!