Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mid Winter Break

We had mid-winter break recently.  Lots of our friends went to Mexico or Hawaii or Disneyland.  We thought it sounded way more fun to just stay home. :)  So here's what we did:

Try some, you might like it.  So will your kids.

Japanese night.

Then we got some serious snow (really, we did; this was the start, in a few hours we had a few inches).

We hit Jump Planet with some friends. Nothing like using up a bunch of energy.

Because taking a pleasant picture, let alone a normal one, is out of the question.

The kids also put on a play for us.  Never mind the boys.  For some reason they're acting out Star Wars when Darth Vader chokes that guy with the dark side of the force.

That reminds me, though, the other night Sammy was scared so I came to his room.  "I think I heard Darth Vader in the bathroom!"  No, honey, Darth Vader's not here.  Let me check. 'Darth Vader?  Daa-aarth.  Darthy?'  "Mommy!!!" he looked at me with big, scared eyes, "I don't think he likes to be called that!!!"

We also had "Camping Night" where we made smores over our gas stovetop and slept in the tent (in the playroom).

Seriously, why go to Hawaii?

5 love notes:

Karen said...

Because it doesn't snow there of course!

Amy said...

Darth Vader prefers to be called "D.V." by his close personal friends.

Jessica said...

Because there is this little thing there called the Sun. It gets all warm and glowy and shines on you and makes your skin this lovely golden color. It's why I love traveling...because there are so many different things to see in each place ;)

LOVE that you made the gak. However, I cannot be held responsible for anything that might have happened to your house because of it.

Happy Mom said...

I adore stay-cations! You're a fab mommy!

Jessica B said...

What a great stay-cation. Looks like you guys kept very busy.