Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Two Year Old

Let me introduce you to my homeboy. He's my Little Buddy. And he's two now.

Don't you know me at all by now? Of course we didn't get a dog. We only 'borrowed' one from my friend for the evening. I couldn't think of anything that would delight my little maniac more than playing with a puppy, and since buying one was not a viable option, we did this instead.

We feasted on puppy cupcakes. I don't think he even noticed that it was store bought icing. Yes, that's just how tired I am nowadays.

He is like a quirky little cartoon character. Sort of like a miniature Calvin (think Calvin and Hobbes). He even has a 40% body/97% head ratio going on. He likes to yell, and makes an astoundingly large amount of noise for someone who has only a handful of words.

Great loves: his siblings, dogs (animals of any sort, really), climbing, wrestling, being outside.

It irks him: socks that are not pulled tight on his feet, any blanket besides his white or fishy one, meat.

Things I love about him: he says 'mama' in his sleep, his chubby-armed hugs, he 'pays' me in puckery kisses, how he rubs my belly softly and says 'baby', when he takes off running around half naked and laughing hysterically, when he cuddles up to read books (even if it's the same book, seven times in a row).

How he celebrated: 1--learned to open doors

2--started replying 'no' to requests (not an angry 'no', but more of a 'well, I thought about it and I just don't think that it's going to work out' kind of 'no')

3--thinks he's big enough to go down stairs like a big boy.

Man, I love this kid. Happy birthday, little man!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ah, Spring

Okay, I LOVE spring! And, although it takes a while to really arrive here, the warm, sunny days that pop up now and again are a treat for the senses. Seattle is beautiful, even in the winter (they don't call us the Evergreen State for nothin'), but when the sun comes's off-the-charts gorgeous. The sun, almost literally, turns life from black and white to full technicolor.

Mother's Day was wonderful this year. I don't know if it was the kids wanting to do breakfast in bed at 6:30 a.m., or the fact that the boys humored me and wore the matching sweater vests that I requested (for the picture at least), but it was a great day. Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers I know that inspire me, especially my own mom. I love you and I'm lucky to have you in my life. This picture will give you a good shot of my whale-ish belly, too.

Below are the tulips that accompanied my toast, eggs, and box juice breakfast. They sit in my kitchen window and smile at me while I do dishes.

While the change of seasons breathes new life into me, I--in turn--feel the need to breathe life into my old, dusty house. A few Saturdays ago, I woke up with a bug to freshen life up. Let's be honest, it was past due--I didn't do a single post-holiday decorating thing and were sorely in need of something.

Here's a little of what I've been up to around the house. J says that this post won't be useful, but I hope you'll disagree. I love to see other's ideas--it inspires me, or at least gives me fun ideas that I tuck away in the back of my brain for another time.

"Good news!" I said, "You don't have to worry about my Mother's Day present!" He laughed and asked "What did you buy yourself?" The answer was this window. I paid too much for this old window that I spotted as an old house was being torn down. J asked why they didn't pay me for hauling it away. It's actually a really good question.

Anyway, I cleaned it up, but basically hung it 'as is'--chipping paint, handle still attached. I love it. Then I added hydrangeas, potted magnolia stems, candles and a funky little Asian-y/garden lattice looking piece that I found in Target clearance. Never mind the red wall. It wants more than anything to be a smokey grey-blue now, but until J buys into that whole idea, red it will remain.

Color, color, color! In the dining area, I replaced the black and white kitchen photography with vintage pattern fruits and veggies. I think these wooden plaques came from Target originally, but, but I got them at a garage sale for $2 each.

I am a SUCKER for old (looking) tin signs. Love them! This one replaced the framed black and white Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop menu. I got it for $4 at TJ Maxx.

I love bowls of fruit, and as I can't seem to keep real ones all summer, I opted for realistic looking fakes atop paper filled bowls. Yes, I nail things (like the 'bistro' sign) to my wall, yes it leaves little holes, that's why I use straight pins, no it doesn't bother me--the next display just covers it up.

More fruit. I LOVE vintage (or vintage-looking) enamelware, especially the white stuff with red trim. I settled for black because I liked the bowl so much. I see lots of these at antique shops.

Freshen up bedrooms by replacing the cozy warm stuff with light colors and patterns. Should you not have 'new bedding' on your list of financial priorities, you can always (as I have seen done in hotels) sandwich a down comforter between two fresh sheets. Even a fresh, crisp white brightens things up. Accent with fun colors or patterns in pillows. I swear a pretty bed helps you sleep better. And, in the toddler-free house I'll have five years from now, I also plan to have fresh flowers by my bed.

Colorful quilts, like this half-finished project of mine also scream "Hey, have a good day! Here's some extra energy!"

These are just bunches of fake statice and ranunculus that I bought at Michael's. They were cheap, but the colors make me smile. They are in tall, square vases, and I added the tissue paper in the bases to infuse even more color and to cover up the stems.

These are the starts of yellow squash, cucumbers, zucchini, and basil. I'll add them to the garden when they get a little bigger. For some reason, the seashell that one of my littles planted in the top right corner doesn't seem to be producing.

Breathe in the new energy of spring and let it inspire you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I lost my brain.

It's turquoise, with a cute, swirly design and stylized birdies on it. Have you seen it? I really need it, because I have things going on this week that I should know about. Like doctor's appointments. I just know it. Yes, I realize I have another 'brain' inside my skull, but I mostly use that one for a mediocre backup these days. I'm also aware that my time here could be better utilized actually searching for my planner, but the extra 30 lbs hanging off my front says 'No, just take a load off and whine about it instead.'

My girl is getting big enough now that I watch her for entertainment. Every night she has a dance party, which doesn't bode well for a mama who would still get 10 hours of sleep a night if she could. My whole belly will shift and you can see little baby body parts make their way across my abdomen. It is so cool and very weird. Feeling the baby move is amazing, right up there with eating whatever you want. The two best things about pregnancy.

I have 7 1/2 weeks left. That's enough time that I think 'Oh, I've got time' and little enough time that I think 'Shoot, I need to get my rear in gear--I don't even have binkies!' There are a million cute little things (and big room makeovers) that need to be done around my house. I'm too tired to do most of it, but I am still good at pointing effectively and saying, 'Darling, could you please...' I'll find a Saturday in the near future and hit up the baby store for all the goodies. I've got the cutest, sweetest friends in the world, who have given me some of the most adorable clothes and accessories imaginable and it makes me UBER-excited to meet this little miss. And play dress up with her. :)

On the flip side, there is a twinge of bittersweetness knowing that Little Buddy's days as Baby are numbered. There's always something about my littlest one being ousted that makes me...miss... them for some weird reason. I'm trying my best to get in the extra snuggles and kisses, as much as an almost-two year old will tolerate anyway.

And, why not? As far as I know, I've got all the time in the world...
...hope I find my brain soon...