Monday, April 19, 2010

If I May Rant For Just a Moment

To anyone with questions to the following answers:

No, it's not my first baby--it's my fourth.
Yes, I know what causes this.
Yes, I have my hands full and they keep me very busy.

Actually, I don't mind it. You see, I wanted each of these children. I planned for them. I know the chaos that comes with a house full of creative, busy, messy kids. Yes, some days I want to pull my hair out. But mostly, I love it. LOVE IT. Because, while you might think I'm crazy or irresponsible for having 'so many' kids, I actually think it's a blessing. You can tell me all kinds of horror stories about these two kids you know that {gasp} fight or this toddler that {gasp} bit her sibling, but I will regale you with tales of laughter-filled Rumble Royale (wrestling) or sisters reading to little brothers, sibling slumber parties, all kinds of pretend play, or, basically a group of little, life-long best friends who have got each others' back.

So, while clearly you cannot imagine that we had this many kids on purpose, we did. Because while you think that it is way too many, I will tell you that it's not too many when you need a friend, when you need someone to play a game with, or listen to you or cry with you. It's not too many when you are at the dinner table, or Christmas morning, or sitting around a campfire telling stories. It's not too many when you need people around to love and to love you. There's nothing more wonderful and important.

For us, it's not too many.

All of my kids were meant to be in this wonderful thing we call our family.

{Thunk, thunk} (me getting down from my soap box)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bits of Nothing

I haven't posted in almost three weeks. That's like a decade in blogging years. Tonight's post is purely an exercise in posting, just so I don't forget how, and fall permanently off the face of the blogging planet.

There is a really irritating kid I know. I see him frequently, and every time I do, he points to me and yells "She is FAAAAAT!!!!!" What I really want to do is flick him. What I actually do is smile pseudo-patiently, like it's cute. It's not.

We put Little Buddy into a big boy bed about a week ago. It went okay until last night about 4:00 a.m., when I felt prompted to check on him and found him asleep at the top edge of the stairs. Phwew. Tonight he's in the pack and play.

Girlie is back in school after spring break. I'm just a sappy boob, and I've cried both mornings that I've dropped her off at school. Will I never learn?

I've been slowly gathering cute clothes that I find for my baby girl. When I need a mental break, I sit down with the basket of them and arrange them into stylish little outfits, complete with accessories. I would show them to J, but then he would ask his usual "How much did that set me back?" and I'm not prepared to answer that.

With Sammy's asthma now officially diagnosed and treated, we thought we were done with midnight runs to the ER. Last night proved us wrong. He, however, saw the sunny side of things and wore his hospital bracelet like bling all day.

I'm tired of lumbering and heaving and waddling. I'd like to get back to flitting, and sprinting, and prancing. Okay, not that I ever pranced, but I'd like to at least have that option.

In completely unrelated news, I discovered these very naughty ice cream bars dipped in chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds at Costco, thanks to Laura F. Wow, can I just say, wow.

I forgot to dye Easter eggs this year. Shocking but true. I have no valid excuse, except that I'm a pregnant lady with a million things on her precariously balanced plate. Something had to give. To those of you posting about your darling dyed eggs--kudos.

We stopped at the Tulip Festival in Skagit County this weekend, on our way up to Vancouver, BC. My most anticipated event was a little deflated, though, because the two older kids fell asleep on the way up, so I just grabbed Little Buddy to snap some pics. That's him at the top. His hair has since been cut.

We continued up to the Vancouver, BC Temple Open House. It was one of the most gorgeous buildings I've ever seen, and the most fantastic feeling to be there with our whole family. We LOVED it!! (This is not actually considered one of the 'Bits of Nothing', but it is all I'm going to write about it here.)