Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tough Guys

You know when sometimes you just need a man around the house?  Well, lucky for me, I've got these two fellas to keep me company.  And they're tough.  Not only can they survive leaps from the bunk bed and can tear around the neighborhood in bare feet, they also are masters of intimidation.
I went to tuck them into bed and Buddy said to me "Mommy,  I don't have to be worried when I go to school.  Sammy said that if someone is mean to me, I just have to go get him."
Sammy chimed in, "Yeah, if someone is picks on Buddy, I'm going to go up to them and say [intimidating voice] 'Hey, that's my BROTHER you're being mean to.  And if you don't STOP, then I'm going to go tell the recess teacher.  And YOU might have to SIT ON THE WALL!!"
The wall. Very worrisome indeed.
His fearsome threats are not limited to playground bullies, either.  As I was backing out today, I was muttering about the across-the-street neighbors who keep parking directly across from my driveway and make it very difficult to pull out.  Sammy assured me, "I want to go talk to them and say [intimidating voice] Listen, you are lucky my mom is a good driver, but next time, you might want to think about parking somewhere else."
I. love. that. kid.
My little Buddy uses his 'tough voice' for everything.  One of my favorite church hymns is "There is Sunshine in My Soul" and we sing it every morning on the way to school. It gets stuck in our heads, and that little 4 year old can be heard all day ferociously growling out "blessed SUN-shine, blessed SUN-shine."
It makes me smile every time.
So, if you've got a "problem" you need "help" with, I know a guy.  Or two.