Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How much is too much?

So I got this new rug.  It took quite a few discussions, but it's finally here and I LOVE the way it looks.

Except, it kind of seems to be coming apart.  It is 100% wool, so I know it's going to shed, but...

It's got long fibers that have come unknotted and are sticking up like this all over the place.

Do you see them?

And it's shedding like a dog in...shedding season.  I don't know much about dogs.  You get my point, though.

So my question much is too much?  When do I send it back?  I love it, so I'm not wanting to send it back.  J would have done so yesterday.  Well, actually, he'd rather it was never here in the first place, but now that it's here and getting his black socks all hairy, he's one unhappy camper.

I have limited time to decide.  Tell me what you think.  Please. 

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Karen said...

Send it back. Even if you love it, you won't be happy with it in a year if it's already acting up. I learned the hard way with our beautiful, very expensive bedding set...that has been falling apart since day one.

Aubrey said...

I agree with Karen, especially if J isn't happy. I don't know how much is too much shedding, but that doesn't seem normal to me. What will it look like in a few months/years if it's doing that already? Good luck!

Greg D Metz said...

I am not an expert on such matters generally, but I do have some experience with a rug such as the one you describe.

The wife wanted a wool rug and found the one she liked. The seller of said rug informed her that these types of rugs are crazy shedders. Recommended vacuuming every day for six months she said. This would have been a deal breaker for me, but the wife really liked this rug and doesn't mind vacuuming so we purchased.

Sure enough, it shed like crazy and no amount of vacuuming could remedy the situation. More shedding. We had balls of fuzz like the one pictured in your hand in every corner of the living room. Vacuum it up. More balls of fuzz within a day or two. We rolled the rug up and stored it in the basement because we do such things with items likely never to be used again.

Months later my wife discovered the wonder of Dyson vacuums. The wonder! Anyway, she convinced me to give the rug another shot with this new found wonder vacuum so we drug it out. It filled three canisters on the first day and now with regular vacuuming the rug has been perfect.

WAY TOO LONG story short -- if you love the rug then a heavy dose of maintenance can salvage it. If you have no interest in becoming a professional vacuumer or no interest in upgrading to an industrial strength vacuum, then return it. If you already have such a vacuum then this comment was a REAL waste and I would get as far away from that rug as humanly possible. Good luck.

PS: I do NOT work for Dyson, but these things are seriously the best. Again I'm no expert, but I would say my wife is. The best.

Lea said...

I had the same issue with a similar rug. It was shedding like crazy and the fibers kept coming loose and sticking up. I stuck it out for a few weeks and then decided enough was enough. I sent it back and got another one(hoping that I just got a "bad" one to start) I am in love with my rug and I was going to do everything I could to make it work. I have had my rug now for about 2 years. It still looks great. It did shed for what seemed like FOREVER, but now I don't think it hardly does at all. As far as the loose fibers sticking up, I tried to not go too low with my vacuum setting and then I would just push the fibers back down into the rug periodically. It was worth it to me, cuz I LOVE my rug. Hope this helps.

Gina said...

I had a similar issue with a wool area rug from IKEA. I thought it was cheapo IKEA thing, I guess it's just a wool thing. I would send it back. It's only going to cause you tons of clean up and trouble. You didn't order a dog, you wanted a nice family rug to play on.

dave&hannah said...

OOOO, I just love it!! It is so you, which = classy, beautiful and sophisticated, yet playful and interesting (did that just score me two buckets of blueberries?) :) but seriously I love it!! KEEP IT!!...Just don't let anyone walk on it.