Monday, July 25, 2011

"I'm going to cut up your credit cards"

I haven't been getting too much sleep lately.  You'd think that since things have settled down around here, I'd happily tuck in at about 9:30 or so.  You'd be so wrong.  First, J and I routinely check in with America's Got Talent on hulu and see what the mini hip hop dancers or sword swallowers have to offer. Then he goes to bed, and for whatever reason I stay up.  I think maybe I like being in a quiet house, knowing all my lovies are tucked in bed, alseep and safe.  It's nice having the joint to myself for a few minutes. 

But I do get tired, and I'm discovering funny things about Tired Me.  Like, I shouldn't go shopping.  I got back from helping a friend at about midnight the other night.  I checked my email before I went to sleep, where I was reminded that there was an online-only Black Friday in July sale.  Hmmm...I should just check it out.  It just started, after all.  I'll just look.  Well, two hours later I climb into bed, and forget all about it.  But then, 5-7 business days later, packages started arriving at my doorstep.   Oh, fun! ...Wait a minute.  Did I order that?  What the heck?  These jeans don't even fit me.  Why are there three pairs?  I would never order a cardigan with beads around the neck.  What was I thinking?  A three-cup food processor?  J came down in the morning and said, "It always scares me to find your credit card next to your laptop."    Most of the stuff will be going back to the store, except for a pair of jeans that I decided to keep as "incentive jeans".  When I can comfortably fit into them (I had gotten all bunked up with juniors vs. misses sizes), I will feel really good.  When I told a friend that, she replied, "I have a whole closet of 'incentive jeans'".  She makes me laugh.

The other night I was shopping for a baby shower the next day.  I thought I could depend on Target to close at a reasonable hour and maybe save me from myself.  Well, in case you didn't know, I have a weakness for baby clothes, especially little girl ones.  I wandered around Target for way too long, my cart getting fuller and fuller with every aisle.  When I finally left, it was past 10:30 p.m. (No, don't tell me I should wear a watch or look at my phone.  That would make life too easy).  As I looked at my haul the next morning, I kind of wondered what maniac had stuffed my cart full of all these things and made me buy them.

J woke up frowny and said, "I was not very happy with you last night."  ("last night"=in his dream).  "Oh, no.  What did I do?" This ought to be good.  "Well," he said, "you went crazy shopping. (I did).  You bought a new rug (I did), and a {something I can't remember} (I did not), and a cabinet full of craft stuff to go on the back terrace (I would never do that--the rain would ruin it)."  Later that morning he looked around and saw the rug (which he already knew about), and then the miscellaneous pile of returns and said, "My dream is coming true!!!" 

Tired Me should not shop, friends.  Or, I guess on the other hand, if there's something that you want, just wake me up and tell me it's a good deal.  Apparently, I'll buy it. Or maybe three.

2 love notes:

Karen said...

Wake up tired girl! I want an entire new bedroom for my daughters...or maybe three! *wink!*

Jessica said...

I really don't think you wanted me to know this information about you. I have a long list of wants. I will be calling you at midnight to speak of them.