Thursday, July 28, 2011


We celebrated the Fourth of July in style this year.  We got to the parade super early and had donuts and chocolate milk while we waited.  We met a bunch of friends there, one of whom had the brilliance to bring his canopy, so we sat in the cool shade and enjoyed the parade.

This little thing was all about celebrating the USA.

Much candy was scored by all.

Buddy was very happy about it.

Have I told you lately how much I love this little girl????

My sweet J and Girlie.


Some of our friends hosted the best barbecue.  They had a terrific backyard.  Almost three acres for the kids to run around and explore.

How did my little peanut get so big so fast?

The first smores of the season. The kids were thrilled with the HUGE marshmallows.

We came back home and did even more sparklers and pop its.

Happy Birthday America!

2 love notes:

Aubrey said...

So much fun! And sweetie is so, so cute! It's amazing how fast they grown up! I'm glad you had a fun holiday.

dave&hannah said...

Oh my word. So many things I love about this post. (Mostly the pictures part...) 1. In the donut picture, I love that all the kids opted for bananas instead of the box FILLED with chocolate long johns, maple bars, bavarian creams and more goodness. 2. For some reason, sweetie reminds me of strawberries all the time! She's just a cutie pie x's 10!!! 3. J has such a special place in my heart - I mean really, Mr. Liberty couldn't look any better!!!