Sunday, July 10, 2011

Playing a little catch up

So, I meant to post these last month, but we got, uh, a little busy. We did, in fact, celebrate Girlie's 8th birthday.  My goodness we love this girl!!!

The day started with heart shaped pancakes in bed (our bed, of course.  Wouldn't want to get crumbs in hers now, would we? :) ).

She's a self-proclaimed carnivore, so we had her favorite--ribs--for dinner.

She requested cupcakes instead of a cake, so I made some with two kinds of frosting and some pink sugar, just to make sure there was enough sweet.

She liked them.

She had the choice of a party with friends, or doing something special as a family.  She picked horseback riding with her family, so we went to Ensign Ranch where we spent the day doing fun things like canoeing...

I had to set poor Sweetie down to help row, and she got cold and wet.  And told us all about it.

...and horseback riding.  She declared it 'awesome.'

My little cow poke family.

Her horse's name was Tia.  I led her around the field, and I have to say it was a little exciting/scary being that close to such a large and powerful animal.  Especially when you need it to stop stepping on your foot.

Buddy loved it too.

Sweetie watched it all from the comfort of her carseat.

I think Sammy was a little disappointed that it wasn't more 'dangerous.'

It started sprinkling so we took shelter on some hay bales in a big shed.

Most of the time, if I want to have pictures of me with the kids, I have to take them myself.  Otherwise I run the risk of being completely undocumented in my children's lives.

Wow, where did all these kids come from?

We stopped at XXX Burgers on the way home.  A kitschy, greasy diner that served up great big root beers and overpriced food.  We had to try it once.

Eight wonderful years with this girl!!!

4 love notes:

Happy Mom said...

So fun!!! I love reading your blog, but alas, can't seem to comment. I'm typing this anyway in the hopes that somehow it will post!

Love you!

Happy Mom said...

Wow, it worked!

Gina said...

What an excellent birthday adventure! Fun you went to XXX - Ian took me there and it was delish!

dave&hannah said...

How much do I looooove this dreamy 8th birthday!!! I'm still wishing for that day!! (also the one where I'm not so allergic to the things I love.) I love that buddy is such a cute little boy on that huge horse!! This is so cute and fun!!! AHHH!!! I wish I had been there!