Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pics of the longest Daddy-daughter date ever

We joked in the hospital that Girlie and J had been wanting to plan a date, but this (a 3 day hospital stay) wasn't what they had in mind.  Here are some pics from their 90-hour 'date'.

This was right when she first woke up.  (A side note:  J and I happened to be wearing the EXACT SAME THING--same color green top, same color jeans, and he first noticed it when we were listening to the doctor and standing-with-arms-crossed in the exact same way--and he was very embarrassed.  I thought it showed solidarity.)  :)

She kept forgetting not to rip her IV out, so they put this 'pillow' on her hand.

They call it an EEG.  We call it a Noodle Hat.

Playing with paper dolls from Grandpa and Grandma.

She's telling you to watch out for the big whale behind her.  She's holding her favorite doll, Alexis,  who is in a pink sleeping bag (she needed some place to sleep at the hospital too).

A highlight of the date--petting the therapy dog.

I climbed in bed with her and we read "A Little Princess."

Finally time to go home.

An update:  She's doing great.  About a week after she got home, she developed a fever, which was terrifying, because it could trigger another seizure.  Even though we have a video monitor on her, I ended up climbing in bed with her. She's on twice daily medication, which she takes without complaint.
She's totally back to herself, aside from doing things she loves (bike, swings, climbing, etc).  We meet with her neurologist on Monday for another follow up.  We still have no idea why she had it.  They, apparently know nothing, really, about the brain.  So we will wait.  And see.  And have the best summer ever together in the meantime.

4 love notes:

Jamie and Lauren said...

Come out here and she can play pet therapy all day long with Louie!!

Megs said...

Where is the matchy matchy picture of you and Josh. I can't believe you are not going to document that here :) I love Meg's smiles in these pictures. She is amazing to have had such a great attitude through all of this.

Happy Mom said...

She has such a beautiful smile! So glad to hear she's doing well, and we'll pray for the best news on monday!

Aubrey said...

I want to see a matchy matchy picture too :) I'm so glad that Meg is doing better. It's hard to see her in the hospital like that, I hope she stays healthy now. Let us know what the doctor says, if he says anything useful. I hope you're having a great summer. I'm sorry that Meg is so restricted in her activities, but that makes sense. I'm sure with your creative mind, you'll find tons of great stuff to do this summer anyway!