Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saturday is a special day...

The good thing is that I think I've almost caught up in pictures after this.  The bad thing is that I was really behind.  The good thing is that you'll be getting a conscise, pocket-sized version of our life, sparing you any of the painstaking details.  The bad thing is that there will be no painstaking details to read 10 years from now when I, perhaps, want to read the painstaking details.  Let's go.

Sweetie and Daddy at the Easter egg hunt at the Brawner's house.  It was awesome--huge egg hunt, bouncy house, delicious food.

Don't know if you can tell, but the girls have matching shirts.  I know, I know.  Cheesy mama. :)

My, what handsome boys!

Easter morning

Girlie's "Go Fish" musical at the end of school.  She was the cutest square-dancing seahorse you've ever seen.

Fans of the square dancing seahorse

Giddy up!

My tulips looked like peonies--they were amazing!

Royal wedding party thrown by my friend, Megan.  Oh, yes, those are tiaras we're all wearing.  I wore my pearls for the rest of the day.  The wedding was just dreamy.

Kiddos took swimming lessons.  At least one of them can almost swim now.  Work in progress.

My Mother's Day wish was for us to wear our matchy-matchy Easter clothes again so I could finally get a picture. You would have thought I asked everyone to eat staples.  Hey, the heart wants what it wants.

Okay, now, can I just tell you what I am SOOOOO excited about?  This Saturday, an American Girl store is opening up at the local mall.  Girlie and are going to the grand opening for a girlie date, and ...shhhhh....I am going to let her pick out a doll!!  Oh my goodness I'm just bursting with excitement!  She is going to be so thrilled!!  She never really asks for things, so it is really fun to surprise her!  Yes, there was a bit of a debate between the finance dad and the I-loved-them-when-I-was-little mama, but the "good memories" argument won out in the end. (I remember fondly going to the mall with my mom to pick out a cornsilk Cabbage Patch doll.  She was blonde and blue eyed.  Her name was Estra Zara.  I thought I would be happy forever.)  Oh, goodness!  We've been poring over the latest catalog, and I've gathered a bunch of American Girl dress patterns that I'm going to make for our new doll.  Okay, it started because we were at the mall and saw the store getting set up.  So we found out the details of the opening--crafts, dolls, etc.  Girlie was so excited and wanted to bring Alexis, her favorite doll--a Target version of American Girl dolls.  Well...Alexis is missing a leg, eyelashes, the skin-colored paint is missing from one eyelid, and her hair is completely matted.  She is... 'well loved'.  We didn't know if it would be a good idea to bring her.  So we came up with this idea instead, and I can't WAIT for Saturday!!!!!!!

(You can totally tell this doll is for her and not at all for me, right?) 

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Happy Mom said...

Such a fun catch up post! I adore yellow and blue together!! (I don't blame you for wanting a family pic)

Have a great time at the American Doll opening with your sweet girl!

Aubrey said...

Such great pictures! It's good to get caught up on all your happenings. I'm so excited for you and girlie because of your date this weekend. Let us know how it goes (pictures!) I hope she's doing well.

When are you guys passing through here? We have a couple reunions in August that we want to go to, but we don't want to miss you. Let me know so I can plan. Thanks!

Gina said...

You are the cutest mom ever!!!!!!!! I love how excited you are about American Dolls. If I had a little girl, I would so be you right now. So fun! I was a doll maniac back in the day.

You'll have to check this site out with M one day:

Jessica said...

Fun times! :)