Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's All in the Presentation

Maybe it's just my kids. Maybe not. They seem to get hurt a lot. Not "big hurt", but a good number of ouchies, boo boos and the such.

We figured out a way to soften the impact without coddling them. Spin it. It plays out like this--when one of our little ones has a run in with a wall, floor, dirt, etc, we look completely flabbergasted and ask them why.

"Why are you trying to knock that wall down with your head? That is so crazy!"

"Why are you trying to put a Sammy-sized hole in my beautiful wood floor?"

"Why are you trying to eat your tongue? I gave you some delicious dinner, you know."

"Why are you trying to fly off of that chair? Your wings aren't big enough yet, you know."

It will stop my child mid-wail and start them laughing. Sometimes they'll even come to me saying through a few tears, "Mommy, I was trying to put a Girlie-boompa sized dent in the sidewalk!" (Bottoms="boompas" in our house)

Don't worry, we've discussed safety. Sam-Sam is well aware that "Giwls an mommies an babies aw delicate, an boys an daddies aw tough, but thew heads aw still delicate." But, until those safety lectures are seriously internalized, we'll just keep spinning it.

8 love notes:

Sybrina said...

Love it!

Aubrey said...

Very funny, very cute! That's a great idea for diffusing a difficult situation. I hope you the kids' colds are doing better. Have a great week!

Allison said...

So funny! Also love the word boompa!

Happy Mom said...

You're a fun mom!!! It's a beautiful thing!

Hannah said...

I have personally witnessed these events and have to say i think the question technique is hilarious!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

It seriously is all in the presentation. Well done, as usual with responding to your adorable children luff!

Amy R said...

I needed a reminder that the best way to dispel any unpleasant situation is by laughing. Thanks!

Liam's Mom said...

Very good tactic! I just say, "Why did you fall off your chair again? If you sit on your bum, that wouldn't happen." I need to find a funnier way to say that.