Monday, May 11, 2009

I Did It. And I Have the Shirt to Prove It.


So, in case you didn't notice, I took a little time off. A whirlwind trip to Utah for my little sister's wedding. It was fabulous.

While there, another sister talked me into doing Race for the Cure. Me. Had she not been the kindest person on the planet, and had my grandma not survived breast cancer this may not have happened. This ultimate act of betrayal to my friend, Amy. I'm sorry, Amy, and I hope we can still be friends.

You see, I hate running. It's like torture. If you ask me, forget waterboarding, people--make those terrorists RUN. Amy hates running too, and we had a sort of unofficial Moms Against Running club. I feel I sold out.

"It will be fun," said my sister.
"Yeah, and then next year, I'll sign you up for the Craft-a-thon and see how much fun you have," I retorted. But I did it anyway. Also on board were my brother, his wife, and our youngest brother . I only mention that to make you realize the pressure I was under. I've revealed my relationship with sports before--and I've long suffered the sibling teasing from being completely inept.

I know most of my friends are all a little crazy and throw around "carb loading", "10K", and "marathon" like it's nothing. (Amy and I actually refer to those people as "Them"--as in, 'Oh, you're one of Them, are you?) But, baby steps, people. The choice was "One Mile Fun Run" or "5K".

One Mile Fun Run it is.

We started out strong, and besides my crying, I was totally fine. Step aside for just a moment--a reminder of what kind of a race this is. This is for breast cancer. No one is trying to beat each other. People are running with names and pictures attached to their backs of people they love who have battled breast cancer. Like the young solo guy whose sign read "In Memory of My Wife. I love you." and the couple whose signs read "For My Wife. 17 Years!" and "Me. 17 Years!". If any of you know my crying history it will be obvious that I was hiccuping tears the whole time and hoping the huge lump in my throat didn't close off my precious supply of oh-so-very-thin mountain air. And smiling really, really big. (Read the "Crying" post to understand that). There were also packs of people with matching shirts that read "Save the Ta Tas" or "I Love Breasticles" that just made me laugh, and disguised the hiccuping.

I paced myself just fine, until, according to my body, I had gone longer than a mile. My siblings encouraged me, blaming the thin air, etc. That bone in my foot was starting to hurt. Parts of me were jiggling. The ground was getting harder and harder. Energy was actually starting to leak out of me, I could feel it. I insisted that this was no ordinary mile. Then I saw the sign.

"Mile 3"

"HA!!!! I KNEW IT!!! WE TOOK THE WRONG TRACK!!! THIS IS NO 'ONE MILE FUN RUN'!!!" I spent some of my energy jabbing at the sign. The good news was, we were .1 mile from the thick pink finish line. All the cheering people made me cry some more, so I focused hard on the tables of bottled water, bananas and oranges ahead.

As we walked the 4-ish blocks to the car my sister said, "Wasn't that awesome??? Do you want to train for a 1/2 marathon with me?"

It was great. Exhilarating, really., I think...not. Because, then, I would be one of "them."

PS: I'll post a picture as soon as my brother emails them to me.

8 love notes:

Allison said...

WELCOME TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!! You are one of us or Them!!!! I always new it!!! Can't wait to see the picture!

Now it's your turn Amy!!!

Becky said...

Ha ha! Funny stuff! I'm not a runner either, in fact, barely a walker. My mom and sisters did that same run in Utah last weekend.

Chelsea said...

Way to go Melynie! Wish you were here, I need another project.

Jessica said...

Way to go!! I am very impressed. I H-A-T-E running ;)

Devin & Anisa said...

Only you can make the worst thing for 'us' kind of people actually sound pretty amazing. Good job! Miss you!

JustusFam said...

Yahoo!!! I am so proud of you! That is really funny that you ran 3 miles!! Good job...what was your time?? You will fold and become one of us !!

Happy Mom said...

Somehow I missed your last two posts. I loved this!! You go girl!!!! I'm not sure I could do race for the cure because I, like you, would be bawling the whole time!

I'm terribly impressed. Did you absolutely hate it?

Liam's Mom said...

I am impressed you ran in our thin air! Kudos!

You are so sweet with your tears through it all. I did the walk for the cure a few years in a row, so I'll never be one of them.