Sunday, May 24, 2009

Life or Blog???

Apparently I've been choosing "Life" lately, because I've certainly been neglecting "Blog". We've been busy, and while I feel the need to record our mischief, I think it'll have to be in bite-sized installments.

So, we went to Utah for my sister's wedding. I thought that a 13 hour road trip would be plenty of fodder for a good post, so I started out by writing quotes down in a little notebook. I didn't get far.

My record in its entirety:
Utah Trip May 1, 2009
"Turn right and continue for 176 miles"--Rosalita, our GPS.

"Son, where's your sandwich? Oh, you're sitting on it. Sure, go
ahead--take a bite."--J to Sam

"Honey, where's your DVD player? Oh, you're sitting on it too?"--Me,
to Sam.

"Well in my world, I envision it to be a very simple task to have us ready
to go the night before a trip. And in my world, I envision it
being somehow impossible for you to do." J--on very dangerous

"Well. Then the next time we take a trip, why don't you show me just
how simple it can be."--Me, in response.

{After J's observation of my scribbling}

"What are you doing?? Are you writing that down? [Pause]

Sweetheart, I love you. You are the best wife in the world and I
appreciate you so much.

...Memorialize that, chick."


We also took a bunch of really fun pictures at Thanksgiving Point and went to the Petting Zoo, which was actually a non-petting zoo, but was fun anyway. The kids rode the horses. Girlie felt the need to rename her horse something "prettier". Wild Man picked a small pony, despite some daring driveway motorcycle riding with his all-too-accommodating Uncle Jared. Little Buddy just sat in his stroller. We did not buy the baby goat that we saw, nor the pirate hat that they were selling in the farm gift shop (because, obviously, where else would one think to look for a pirate hat?), despite some heart-felt pleas.
PS: To my friends in Utah ...I love you and I wish I could have seen you. Truly I do. With time split between two families and wedding festivities, it just wasn't possible. I thought of you, and I would LOVE to see you on another trip.

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Happy Mom said...

Welcome back! I've missed you. The dialogue with your husband is very comforting to me (cue the song, You're Not Alone)!

I've never recorded anything from our 20 hour road trips to Utah, we're just always glad when we are finally there!

Amy R said...

Oh, Josh, you're in trouble, Mr.!

Karen said...

When life gets back to normal and you have some time let me can start posting excelente art ideas on
love ya...have a marvelous day Melibea!

Wright said...

Hilarious! Road trips are a treat w/ kiddos aren't they? We did VT interviews last night and thought of you--miss you!

Cory Elvidge said...

Um... does this mean that WE are not your "friends in Utah?!" So rude.

mandy said...
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mandy said...

Seriously, I've had an almost identical conversation with Christian. They must be from the same planet. :)