Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me

I thought I'd share this little book that Girlie made for Mother's Day. There was a page for each sentence and she had filled them out so carefully.

My mom is 303 years old. (I think she meant 30, bless her heart)

My mom's favorite color is pink.

My mom likes to have fun.

My mom makes the best chickinidl. (chicken noodle)

My mom is the queen of cook.

My mom's favorite restaurant is Demes. (Denny's...where I haven't been in years...)

My mom likes it when it is qwiit. (quiet)

My mom can clen fast. (clean fast--at least someone notices)

My mom's favorite TV show is Nit at the Myoseum. (Night at the Museum)

My mom is special because she is prite. (pretty)

The handwriting made it absolutely adorable. It was my very favorite mother's day gift. And, of course, it made me cry. What is it about your kids loving you that just gets you?

4 love notes:

Leslie said...

Love the new picture on the header! You are adorable. So is Girlie. And Sam. And Red.

Leslie said...

oh, and J. is adorable too!

Holly said...

How sweet, you should have scanned it for us.

Happy Mom said...

This is so cute!!! Perfectly phrased, "What is it about your kids loving you that just gets you?" I don't know but there's nothing like it!