Sunday, March 8, 2009

5 Things About 4 Things

Five things my kids don't know:
1. You can ask for things for Christmas
2. People put toppings on plain oatmeal
3. White bread is not so rare
4. There is stuff on TV on weekends
5. I actually CAN hear them if they don't say please

Five things they need to learn:
1. "Hey, I don't want to hear it" is not appropriate coming from a 3 year old mouth
2. "Because I asked you to" is an acceptable answer
3. Constant sliding down the stairs will eventually ruin my carpet. And it is mine.
4. When I say "Don't play with water" I mean "DON'T. PLAY. WITH. WATER."
5. We don't do kung fu on each other. We just don't.

Five things I need to unlearn:
1. Using my "mad voice" gets results and prevents me from having to actually get mad.
2. A cookie can kickstart my day quite nicely.
3. Whatever bad habits precede this conversation:
"Come on, let's clean up."
"Who's coming over?"
4. Eating toasted coconut marshmallows straight out of the bag. Try them.
5. Cheating at games to make them go faster (let's face it--Chutes and Ladders can go on, and on, and on). Don't worry, I cheat so they win.

Five fun things about life here:
1. My butcher's name is Stanley. That's right, my butcher.
2. The ATMs here talk. And have British accents.
3. Everyone here but me eats organic everything and vacations in Maui.
3. People carry coffee cups everywhere, even in the produce department at Fred Meyer.
5. Sometimes even the little kids of the coffee-carrying moms in Fred Meyer have their own coffee cups. Probably filled with hot chocolate. Hopefully.

5 love notes:

Liam's Mom said...

Oh how you brighten my day when you post on your blog! I love this one! You are one funny mom! I love how you get things done.

I am cracking up at life in Seattle. What a hoot. Oh to be that hoity toity.

Leslie said...

"We don't do kung fu on each other. We just don't." - made me laugh out loud! Today, you were a bright spot in my dark day!

Amy R said...

Thanks for always making me laugh.

Wright said...

I'm in the long line of those praising your blog!! Oh, and I would LOVE the link to the FHE lessons!

mandy said...

Oh my, how delightfully similar our lives seem to be! Especially in regards to "kung fu" and bathroom potions--these kinds of daily events are the bane of my existence. So glad you shared your "things" with us!

Thanks again for a fun "lunch" bunch today--I think I gained back the 5 pounds I recently lost. . .