Monday, March 2, 2009

I've Reached a New Level

Today I went to school in jammies. And by that, I mean, I drove Girlie to school. In my pajamas. To be fair, I did glance around for something a little more respectable, but nothing seemed to "come together" for me in those 10 seconds. And,in that same vein of fairness, my jammies do look like a long sleeved grey t-shirt paired with same-grey yoga pants. And I did pair the ensemble with very Northwestern-y boots and a vest.


I think it was the no-make up and ponytail (granted, I do wear a ponytail almost every day--this was more the just-out-of-bed variety, as opposed to the stylishly-swept-across-my-forehead type) that pushed it over the edge.

The bar has been lowered, my friends. There was a time in my distant past that I would hot roll my hair every day, instead of a ponytail. A time where I would "schedule" my outfits in a planner, instead of scrambling to find something "less wrinkled." Beyond self-care, there was a semi-distant time, where I would take my child into the studio for monthly portraits, document smiles and sounds in daily journal entries, and fill up tape upon tape with the video camera. Now, I snap pictures, when the thought occurs to me, our video camera has been broken for several months now, and I have mental list of funny things my kids say that I will get around to writing down someday. During Girlie's mid-Winter break, it was almost 5:00 p.m. when someone knocked on my door and I realized, to my horror, my children and I were still in our 7:00 a.m. condition. Not good. Like, crazy circus not-good.

In return for Downgraded Me, I now spend my days covering my baby with kisses, snuggling in and reading to my kids, and trying to help my Small People grow into the wonderful Big People they will become.

I miss Original Me sometimes. But, I think the trade is worth it.

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Amy R said...

Okay, so if you're just now reaching that level, I must say you're doing pretty well. I can't think of the last time I wore makeup on a weekday & I think my hot rollers are dusty. And I have one less kid, so just imagine what I'll be like when I have 3 kids! You'll look like a glamour girl next to me!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

If it's taken you this long to reach this "train" effect, (I like to call it--one day you're riding the fashion train and the next you've either been pushed off or jumped off on your own), then you have done well my luff. No shame in ponies and jammies.

Lisa said...

LOVE the sentiment!!! The trade-off is sooooo worth it!!!

I love reading your blog!!! Keep it up girlie!!

Hilary said...

I could picture it all all so clearly!! Congrats on making it so enjoyable for the rest of us :)

Liam's Mom said...

Amen, friend. Amen.

Sometimes I attend work with no make up. That is how sorry and scrambled I am in the mornings. Pony tails... well those happen basically every day. My days off are what your week days are. If it's not required to get dressed, I don't.

The Wrights said...

Absolulely the trade is worth it. Thanks for the reminder--we all need it sometimes.
(btw I'm still in my jammyjams too!)

Cory Elvidge said...

I cannot believe that you used to plan and schedule your outfits in your daytimer....