Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloweening at My Place

Okay, is this not the cutest "pumpkin tree" you've ever seen? I don't know what it really is--I'm guessing some variety of tomato, but isn't it darling? I found it with the cut flowers in my local grocery store.

Here's a Halloween countdown calendar that I made with my friend, Chelsea. It was inexpensive and fun, but extremely time consuming. It's a great project that you could start for next year! To start you out, I included a couple shots of some of my sketches for the pocket designs below. You could also use the designs to do a billion other crafty things. If you can't get the pictures big enough to be useful, let me know and I'll email you a scanned copy of them along with some detailed directions. A supply list is below.
We use the calendar, and each day I put a slip of paper in the appropriate pocket of a place to look for that day's Halloween activity or treat. The kids love it. You could also use the designs to make a single pocket or Halloween scene where you hide something every day.

Supplies you'll need to make a calendar:
Black canvas, 30"x37"
Felt--orange, white, black, green, purple, yellow, brown, sparkly black, tan.
White and black stiff felt with adhesive on the back (got mine at Michaels), 1 sheet each
Eyes--very small ones, 2 very big ones
Metallic stars
Orange ric rac, 11 feet
Black bias tape and white ribbon for hanging loops
4 medium purple buttons
1 big black button for spider body
Color coordinating thread and embroidery floss
Pinking shears

4 love notes:

Chelsea said...

Ok, so you just made me miss my Halloween decorations! That was a super fun project we did. All of our things are still in storage.

That reminds me, did you ever finish our thanksgiving banner? I haven't started mine yet.

Becky said...

That Halloween calendar is the cutest ever! Looks like a lot of work so I will never be making it.

Jessica said...

Wow, wish I could draw that good ;) I am loving all your Halloween posts! I still can't believe that tree is adorable.

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

Em and I made this last year together. Cute!!!