Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(One of) My Worst Fears

Me: Hey, Sam-Sam, your birthday is coming up. What kind of birthday party do you want?

Sammy: I want a regular party. Just a regular cake with regular frosting. And candles with stripes. That's all.

(Another worst fear? I just heard "Hey, Mommy, look--I'm wrestling Little Buddy!")

5 love notes:

Chelsea said...

He is TOO cute! Happy soon-to-be birthday, big guy.

Wright said...

Funny! Oh our little boys are almost 4...We're gonna try your sidewalk chalk today!

Jessica said...

I don't know if I really paid attention to what you wrote...I was just staring at that GORGEOUS pic :)

Devin & Anisa said...

Does he not realize the mother he has?!! Sweet boy might want to rethink that 'opinion.'

Amy R said...

Oh, just give it a try. I do the regular birthday theme almost every year. So much less work. And then next year it would be so much easier to one-up yourself. Just add streamers.