Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Fabulous Idea to Put in Your Pocket

I have been hearing variations of this all year, and it is one of my favorite ideas ever. I first heard of "doing good" birthday parties right before Girlie's 6th, and by then it was to late to undo all my planning. The idea is this: Use a birthday party to do some good and teach kids life lessons.

I had a friend who, in lieu of gifts for the birthday child, had kids bring canned food to donate. Quaker has a whole program called "Birthday Party With a Purpose." Here are some of their fabulous ideas:

Pirate Party: Enjoy an exciting treasure hunt to find "loot" to donate to hospitalized children.

Green Party: Plants are essential for our planet's health, so help kids go green and have fun.

Tea Party: Your little lady will love the opportunity to be hospitable to others, and make lunch for the homeless.

Princess Party: All little princesses want to bring smiles to those in need, so share the royal magic by donating books to a low-income daycare center.

Cowboy Party: Round up your little cowboy and cowgirl to help your local animal shelter.

Quaker has FREE birthday party materials to help you organize your party and lots of really fun ideas.

How GREAT are these ideas? My kiddos also got invited to a birthday party recently for some friends who, instead of gifts for themselves, are choosing to have people bring "Birthday Bags." It is a fun gift bag, filled with a cake mix, a tub of frosting, plates, napkins, etc--to which they'll add balloons and other fun stuff and DONATE to a food bank.

How wonderful is it to teach our kids to be good people at the same time you're celebrating what wonderful people they already are? I absolutely love it, and hope you feel inspired too.

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knechted forever said...

oh my gosh. I love those ideas! They are really sweet and I'm definitely already thinking of some for my kids!!!

Things' Mommy said...

Thanks, Ruthie. I'm glad you liked the ideas. Apparently no one else thinks it's a good idea to turn a birthday into a service project. :) Ha ha ha

Jessica said...

GREAT ideas! The kids would still have a blast WHILE helping others.

MissMim said...

oh mel. those are FANTASTIC ideas! I wish I had little people running around to do that with!