Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On This Day, 9 Years Ago

On this day, nine long/short years ago, J and I promised eternity to each other in the Mount Timpanogos Temple. The smoke had cleared from the burning mountains, and the day was beautiful. The whole day was an absolute dream from start to finish. It was one of those magical, breathtaking days--the kind you remember in slow motion, in sepia tones with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack.

Nine years ago, we were checking into our hotel room as inconspicuously as we could (in a tux and dress) when the hotel hostess handed us the key to the theme suite and said in a loud, throaty voice "Here's your key to...THE JUNGLE ROOM!!"

On this day, home was in Provo, Utah--just north of the BYU Stadium in a miniscule basement apartment. We figure that our whole apartment could fit in our current bedroom. We had two rooms--a bedroom and a living room/kitchen. The living room/kitchen was just that--a small room with a wood-framed love seat on one side, and a sink, fridge and stove stuffed into the corner. We had to move our dining table into the 'kitchen' if we wanted to sit in the 'living room' and had to move it into the 'living room' in order to cook in the 'kitchen'.

Nine years ago, we were headed to Jackson Hole, WY for our honeymoon. We tried buffalo burgers at fun restaurants, went white water rafting, ate chocolate mousse pie, did an alpine slide, went to a rodeo, and did lots of shopping together (these were the early days). We overdrafted J's bank account by $500. He felt okay about it, though, because upon our return to Provo we did the very-profitable-for-him "Big Merger" of our bank accounts.

Nine years ago, I worked at Lighting Design in Orem. J worked for the accounting department at BYU. Little did I know he would quit his job at the semester break without telling me. It went down like this.

Me: J, this is one of my best friends Karen, and her husband Bob.
Everyone: Nice to meet you, nice to meet you.
Karen and Bob: So, J, do you work while you're going to school?
Me: He works in the accounting department.
J (AT THE SAME TIME): No, I don't have a job.

I hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come.

Nine years ago, we drove a purple 1992 Ford Taurus that had seen me on many a trip home to Kansas. J nicknamed it The Purple Dragon. We loved that car, until the transmission went out while we were passing through St. Louis, and I swore I'd never set foot in that city again...
I still have a set of Dragon keys.

On this day, we were two crazy kids livin' on love and cornflakes. (Everything else cost too much). We figured together we could take on the world. Now, here we are-- three kids, three homes, three jobs, three degrees, and four cars later. Life is so good. We love each other far more now than on the day we wed. But we're still two crazy kids (with kids) livin' on love and mango chicken salad, and taking on the world. Happy Anniversary, Babe.

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Tasha said...

The good old days of being just married and without any money (well, we still don't have any money, but one day, right?) Happy Anniversary!

Chelsea said...

One this day four years ago you were visiting me in the hospital, meeting our new little one...Lauren! I remember the anticipation you were feeling knowing that Sam Sam was soon to come. You left the hospital to celebrate your anniversary. My, time flies! It was SO fun going through pregnancy together. Miss you. Thanks for the memory!

Jessica said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for reminding me about my own wedding day and the fun "olden" days of my own!

p.s How weird is it that my word verification below is groin??

MissMim said...

That was 9 years ago?! I remember all of that! I'm starting to feel old...

MissMim said...

Wait, it was half a lifetime ago for me.
Ah, that's why.

Becky said...

How sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Aubrey said...

Happy Anniversary! We love you guys!

Happy Mom said...

You need to write a book! The images evoked by, "It was one of those magical, breathtaking days--the kind you remember in slow motion, in sepia tones with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack.", are breathtaking and razor-sharp! Congrats, girl! Here's to many (millions!) more!

Ruthalicious said...

oh my gosh. That was so adorable. I'm actually tearing up right now because, who knows! Maybe that is me in 8 years and 9 months! You two are such beautiful, beautiful people!

Amy R said...

Happy anniversary... 2 days later.