Sunday, June 28, 2009

Shark tanks and bear dung

One of my favorite things about motherhood is this: nothing is normal. Sure, I spend my days climbing mountains of laundry and cooking for my little army--items on my list that are only checked off for minutes at a time before they require redoing. That's normal. That never ends.

But on the other hand, I drive a Batmobile, not a van. A Cougar Batmobile, actually, thanks to our trip to my alma mater, BYU. It has wings and can fly. It can also "do" Supersonic, but only if you yell loud enough.

Thanks to a Discovery-channel-loving Daddy, we don't eat regular food. We eat grubworms, not mac and cheese. Goat milk, slugs, potato bugs, and even bear dung are on the menu sometimes.

Every once in a while, my kids are here, but usually it's some sort of baby animal (koala, cougar, shark). A lot of the time it's Kung Fu masters. Most of the time their names are Jackson, Tommy, Max or Jewel.

I don't give my kids baths-- I monitor the shark tank. It's where the baby sharks dive. They also like to splash. A lot. However, they know that shark tank time is over if it gets out of hand. Good thing I have the smart kind of baby sharks.

So, for anyone out there who thinks being a not-getting-paid-for-her-work mom is dull and "normal", don't tell it to me. I'm Elasti-Girl. And I drive a Batmobile.

7 love notes:

Amy R said...

This was a great post! Love it!

Aubrey said...

Very funny!

Allison said...

Thanks for putting motherhood in the right place! Isn't it awesome being a Super Hero!

Happy Mom said...

Love your perspective!!! I need to look at it that way more often!

Jessica said...

I knew there was a reason I love reading your blog...a fresh perspective on motherhood. I think now I am going to try to make a wonder woman cape for myself ;)

Zann said...

Being a mom rocks. Thanks for reminding us of how great it is!

Liam's Mom said...

You certainly are a hero in more ways than one! What a fun mom you are!