Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Northwest Adventure

We spent Memorial Day on the beach with a bunch of our friends going CLAMMING!! We didn't even know there was such a thing, and we had a blast doing it.

It's that time of year again--for low tide, that is. When huge expanses of rocky beach are left exposed, you can gather with shovels and pails and dig for clams. The kids loved looking at all the ocean life that was stranded by the low tide--crabs, starfish, sea urchins, sea worms.

The kids loved gathering shells and sand dollars.

Here is J, being the hunter and gathering dinner. Steamer clams can be dug up pretty easily, if you can find them. Horse clams are HUGE. You look for tiny oval holes in the sand and start digging. As soon as you put your shovel in, the clams spit water at you and start burrowing down into the sand. It's a mad race to get them because they are FAST, and a lot of times they get away. Who knew a clam could even move???

We took our clams home and had some delicious clam chowder!

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Amy R said...

Wow, digging clams... here we just try to dig up the weeds in our yard. That's about it. And they're not very good in a chowder.

Happy Mom said...

What an adventure!!! I want to do that now! (And no, I did not know that clams could move!)

Becky said...! Where did you go? I want to take my kids to do that, but don't even know where.

Karen said...

I gotta say...I'm a little disappointed not to hear the REST of the story another time! Wink, wink! Further research on clam depuration will be required before I eat clams with you guys!

Tasha said...

Who would have thought getting clams would have been so difficult? What a cool activity! Isn't it quite a chore to actually open the shells and stuff to get the clam part?

Things' Mommy said...

Becky, we went to Sammish Bay--about an hour north of here. You kind of need to do it with someone the first time, I think. Or I wouldn't have had a clue what to do once we got there, at least! We're going to go later this summer--I'll let you know when.

Tasha, you should go if you ever get a chance. It is a really fun experience. Once you cook the clams, they open up (probably in protest of being cooked), and it's not too hard to scoop them out.

Karen, you're right, I really need to add a post script about!

Sybrina said...

I personally am not a clam fan. But growing up in CA, my Dad was huge into clamming. He would watch the tides carefully, and then he built this huge thing made out of PVC pipe about 18 inches in diameter. He attached handles to he saw the air holes, he'd shove the pipe down and trap the clam. Then, I think he could easily reach down and grab their neck...or tongue or whatever it is...a foot maybe? His contraption was something like that, anyway. That's just how I remember it.
If you are really interested, you could probably build your own clammer if you google it- I bet. In his opinion, it was THE WAY to clam!

After catching way too many (in my opinion), he'd bring 'em home and chop them up. OFTEN, he would try to slip the pieces into whatever my mom made for dinner. We could always tell though. And after that we'd never eat our dinner! You'd love it though!

hannah knecht -i said...

I see that "SAMMY" is wearing his BYU shirt loud and proud!! I say he would be even louder and prouder if he added an "i" onto the end. THat'S WHat I'M taLKinG abOuT!!!

Liam's Mom said...

That sounds like so much fun! I've had other friends get to do it, but we've never been close to the coast to try it out. I had no idea clams could move like that either!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

What fun 'luff!!!