Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eating My Words

How dare I even think that my sweet husband is not fully capable of running this household? I will say [pause and clear my throat], I fully admit that he did an amazing job during my 6 days in Vegas. Actually, truth be told, I was a little irritated.

I try to be a generally nice person, truly I do. But, there was a little mean part of me deep inside that wanted him to have to struggle with juggling all I do. Just to appreciate me a little bit more. Otherwise, what will I have to complain about? What excuse will I have to "need" a girls night out? Or a back massage? That little mean part of me wanted him to call me, almost crying with gratitude for the phenomenal job that I do everyday, because, seriously, he had no idea that I took care of so much, and wow is it ever hard, because the laundry itself is almost enough to merit live-in help and all this running to get to school on time, keeping messes picked up enough to not look like the place was ransacked, feeding everyone multiple times a do I do it all?

Instead I got:
--Girlie successfully carted to and from school, including the early day with the Wake Up Dad Morning, for which he single-handedly arranged child care for Sammy.
--Some landscaping done in the backyard.
--The crib fixed.
--All laundry washed, dried, folded, sorted, put away.
--Various entertaining stories and pictures from fun events, including Girlie's school Field Day, emailed to me regularly.
--The house cleaned from top to bottom, including bathrooms.
--A picture straightened (I had procrastinated it because it involved getting it off the wall, opening up the back, re-taping it to the mat with archival tape, and then redoing everything).
--Both cars cleaned inside and out.

Also, their activities included:
--Baking with the Easy Bake oven.
--Going to the store for ingredients. To make trail mix together. For their hike. At Stevens Lake.
--Going to our Dodge dealership for free lunch.
--Taking walks.
--Reading books.
--Eating carrot sticks every time I called.
--Playing outside together.
--Setting up the tent and 'camping' in our bedroom.

And all this whilst he was working from home.

I mean, seriously. [insert a little snort of jealous disgust]
Here's to you, lover. Happy Father's Day, J! We love you so much! You're one amazing daddy and husband. And you make it look so easy.
(PS: I might be going back to Vegas for another week...)
(PPS: We're still not getting a motorcycle.)

6 love notes:

Amy R said...

J! How dare you!? Just after I was sitting here at my house, thinking about you taking the kids to church after accidentally dressing Girly in Sam's church clothes. I bet that didn't even happen! SO sad!

Wow. We're all pretty much feeling the same way, Mel. He should have been a puddle on the floor when you got home.

Jessica said...

Wow, very impressive! I think he should teach a seminar for all local husbands and fathers :)

Happy Mom said...

Wow!! I'd be a smidge put out too!!! Hang on to him girl!! He's a keeper!

hannah k. said...

All the while I was with you hearing the progress and then to read the "wrap up"... I too am very impressed. Maybe you should think of something else more regal to call him instead of "J" now. He's earned a big name for himself you know? Go for something like "J-dawg", "J-da-bomb-dot-com", or... "The J-bino" (bino rhymes with...well no real words but try queen-o. You get the idea."

Zann said...

Wow Mel, it sounds like J has mastered the role of primary caretaker when you're away. I'm thinking you should leave more often knowing that your children will be in good hands! Too funny...

Lynn said...

Sick, just sick. I on the other hand can slepp easy knowing that my husbands lacks most, if not all of these skills. The only thing that keeps me driving somewhere close to the actual speed limit is the knowledge that if I die my kids will be tired, hungry, and dirty...let's not even talk about the house!!