Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy 6th, Sweet Girlie!!

On with the barrage of May birthdays! Okay, so I don't know if two really counts as a 'barrage' per say, but it feels like it when you're planning parties 6 days apart.

I try not to brag about my kids, but in this case it's a potent combination of her birthday and my blog--I can't help myself. My sweet Girlie is one of the most awesome kids I've ever met, and I'm not just saying that because I'm her mom. This little girl has delighted me from Day 1, and I continue to fall in love with her every day.

She was born with a tender heart full of love and compassion. Even as a toddler, she'd cry when I read the part in Lion King where Mufasa dies, and I'd have to fast forward Cinderella when the stepsisters rip the dress. She is the most compassionate person I know. Always taking care of her little brothers. She is a sweet peacemaker--always sharing and thinking of others. Sammy doesn't know how lucky he is! She is helpful, obedient, and really, really hilarious.

She makes me laugh every day. Just yesterday, for instance. Her new hobby is making books. She writes them, illustrates them, staples them, and then reads them over and over to us. J pointed to the back of her book where there were little lines at the bottom. Do you know what this is? A bar code! So we can buy them! She informed me that they were $2.00 each, which I thought was a steal since Sammy charges $45.00. A bar code!!

She is a sweet friend and kind to all around her. She is very obedient and a huge helper to me. J and I have often commented that we don't have to actually "parent" her. We give her guidelines, and she raises herself. One of my joys is throwing birthday parties for her--a silly way of mine to say 'thank you for being such a terrific kid.'

This year's theme was a luau. It was really a blast.

The kids put their gifts into the volcano. At one point, J and I talked about shooting the water hose out of the top to make it 'explode'. Then we thought of the mess. And 15 wet kids.

Her tropical island birthday cake. I would have liked to find tiny tiki torch-shaped candles...

We did limbo, a cake walk, and digging for shells on our sandy "beach".

All the kids "hanging loose".

We love and adore this lovely little light in our lives! She's one awesome kid!!!

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Happy Mom said...

I don't look at it as bragging, it's the heart felt thoughts of a mother for the daughter she adores and that's a beautiful thing!

Wright said...

Oh, your famous themed parties!! So much fun! Happy bday to both your little darlings!

Leslie said...

Ummm, I don't believe that she's 6!!! I was there when you were pregnant. And when she was born. I don't feel like it's true. Are you sure?

Cory Elvidge said...

Ohhhh, I wish I was there! :) Happy Birthday sweet Meggers!!

Liam's Mom said...

What an amazing party for a sweet and wonderful little miss! Looks like so much fun. Great work, Mom!

I loved this post and how much you adore your girlie. What a lucky family to have a gem like her!

P.S. I love that she has her flowers worn as a sash! Excellent forward fashion statement.

Tasha said...

She sounds like an angel. You are quite the party thrower. Did you decorate the cake? Great job!

Amy R said...

She really is an awesome kid. And I'm not just saying that because you're her mom.

Becky said...

How fun! And we've been having the perfect weather for a luau (how do you spell that...too lazy to look it up.)
School's almost out! Let's get together soon!

Jessica said...

How fun! I SO wish we could have been there. You are such a great mom. Do you want to plan Jake's birthday party for July? ;) We definitely want to play soon!

hannah knecht said...

cutest.birthday.ever.- what i wouldn't give for a birthday like that still!! (you have 6 months)

mandy said...

That was one incredible party! I was not born with the party-planning gene. On another note, love the hang-loose pic, but why does my child always have to have his tongue out in posed pictures?! :)