Monday, August 1, 2011

First (and only) camping of the season

I LOVE camping in the Northwest, and I'm not an especially 'roughin' it' type of gal.  Here, though, it's cool and there are no bugs.  It's totally worth the 17 weeks worth of prep for those 15 hours of camping.  We returned to Cascade Park for our annual ward (church) campout.

My very proper camper.

Sweetie's first campout.  She did so awesome.  Until the middle of the night.  When she wouldn't stop fussing.  So I stayed awake.  All. Night.  And then in the wee hours of the morning when I heard the other kids stirring and asked J to check on them because I thought they were really cold and he rolled over and looked at me, as I was still nursing Sweetie for the 4th hour in a row and asked me why I was waking him up to do this.  Well, that was just awesome.

My little Buddy just chilled by the fire with his homeboy.

There were games for the kids the next morning.  In the center are Girlie and Sammy competing in the three-legged race.

We watched from the side.  We are smiling, but we are tired. For a 13 month old, tired=grouchy.  There came a point in late morning when I just announced that it was time for us to leave. 
 Right. Now. 
So we did.  But he stopped at a farmer's market that I love and let me load up on fresh produce to help me feel better.  It worked.

We stopped by {gasp} McDonald's for lunch on the way home.  The kids apparently hadn't gotten enough of the great outdoors, so they went outside to 'bask'.  (As in, "Mommy, can we go bask outside for awhile?"  They crack me up.)

So, I think after that, I'm good.  Camping, you're awesome, but I'll see you next year.

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HangerMom said...

Amen! Once is generally plenty for me in a given year.

The story of nursing all night cracked me up. It's a good age to take them camping, since at least you have that comfort to offer to keep her quiet still, and keep her waking other campers, but it makes the trip a little hard on mom. So way to go! You survived and memories were created. That's what it's all about :).

Gina said...

Kudos for getting through it and making the most of the memory making. I don't know how you do those all nighters with the baby. God bless you!