Friday, August 5, 2011

He Made Fun of My Heritage and I Spit an Octopus at Him

Once upon a time, I had been married a long time (at least 2 months) and I worked with a guy who had been married a very long time (about 3 years).  I asked him if he was still as crazy about his wife as the day that he married her.  His response?  "Crazy's in there somewhere."

Today I celebrate my love.  All 11 years of it.  Eleven official years.  And crazy is definitely in there, and it started in Dodgeville, Wisconsin on what we affectionately refer to as 'The Boat Night.'  Almost 12 years ago, I was doing an interior design internship at the corporate headquarters of Lands' End.  I was the only person my age in the state, until a lady at church said her son was coming back from his mission in Honduras.  I listened to his homecoming talk in church, and I leaned over to my friend Anna and said "I think that we could be really good friends."  Anna, another intern, was heading back to BYU at the end of the summer (I was there until Dec), so I wanted to invite J to do something with us so that I would have a (purely platonic) friend when she went away.  We all took a picnic to Governor Dodge State Park, where I spotted a bunch of tied-up boats and thought it would be the perfect spot for a picnic.  I had my camera, because I almost always had/have my camera with me.  I leaned in for a cute picture.  He leaned away.  I think he didn't know he loved me yet.

So we continued our auspicious beginning with what we term the First Official Date.  Neither one of us was out to get 'involved', which meant we weren't really concerned about what the other thought of us.  First he took me to a Chinese buffet.  Yum.  First, though, I took his knife and fork and handed them to the server. 

"He doesn't need these," I said.  "He'll use chopsticks."    I guess I was just sassy like that.  He struggled for a while trying to stab little pieces of rice.  He looked at me calmly eating and asked me how I knew to use chopsticks so well. (I don't, actually)

"I guess it's just in my blood." I shrugged.
"Oh," he said, the funny man, "so now you've got a Chinese grandma?"
I looked at him.  "Yes. I do."

A pink flush filled his face.  He looked like he wanted to die.  As it turns out later, he not only wanted to die, but to head straight for the car and never see me again.  (He had just come from Honduras where everyone has dark hair and eyes, so he didn't really think anything about my 'exotic' coloring).

I somehow talked him into getting a tiny octopus.  "We'll both eat one at the same time" I said.  So we each dished up a little octopus onto our plates.

"One, two, three, GO!" I said.  He popped his in and started chewing.  I tried, I really did, but that darn octopus refused to go in my mouth.  I tried again and again.  J kept chewing. And chewing, and chewing some more. After an excruciating amount of trying, I announced to everyone in the vicinity that I was now going to eat my octopus.  I dangled it in my mouth, but as I did so, one of the little tentacles wrapped its gummy self around my tongue, and it came flying, flying out at J.  I don't remember him getting upset, though.  Probably figured we were even.

Then he got lost going to the movies ("For Love of the Game") and tried to convince me that they had simply moved the theater.  I think it's pretty obvious that this relationship was headed for great things.  We had SO much fun dating!  This guy worked construction (um, yeah, he had guns) and he worked hard so that he could spoil me.  He would drive 45 min up to my apartment every night, even if it meant his socks weren't quite dry yet and he had to hang his foot out the window to dry them.  He made all kinds of excuses to see me.  It was quite endearing.  We were instant best friends and we'd joke "Hey, remember in kindergarten when we..." because we felt like we'd known each other that long. 

I know I give him a hard time on the blog, but let me set the record straight and say I utterly adore this man.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be his wife.  I appreciate our similarities (we have many, in case you're wondering :) ) because they keep us strong and pointed in the same direction.  I love our differences because they keep things really entertaining and funny, every day.  I love him a million, billion, zillion--which, in our family, is the very most you can love someone.  And I'm definitely way crazier, and crazier about him than I was when I married him.

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Jamie and Lauren said...

Happy anniversary! I adore that story. I just think it is hilarious. You guys have been married FOR-EV-ER! Cant wait to see you next week!

Happy Mom said...

What a fun story! I love marriages that work. It's a beautiful thing.

Aubrey said...

I love this post! So sweet! I've never heard about your beginning days, except that you met while you were on your internship. It's great to hear more of the story. You are a great couple! Happy Anniversary!

Jessica B said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Loved reading your story. What a fun beginning to a wonderful life together.

P.S. I always tell Sophia that I love her a million, billion, gazillion. :)

kim said...

you guys are so cute! I thought about you on Friday and couldn't help remember our lobster dinner at our house to celebrate a few years ago. Well actually that was quite a long time ago wasn't it. Time flies. Happy anniversary. We miss you guys!

kim said...

SO to follow up on your comment on my blog. We had been apart for like 7 weeks while I was in Idaho for teh summer and he joined me right before our anniversary and we were camping with my family on the 5th so while we could not make it too romantic it was nice to see him again and he told me on that day he had bought a dierbergs cooking class for couples that we are going to go to together on aug 27th. I am very excited about it and very excited that he did something so cute. Kind of out of character for my wonderful man!! Love Love Love your family picture by the way!!! I just think you guys are the best!!

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

There is so much to love about this post. Mostly the picture. It's exactly the way I remember you. Love you so much.