Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Thing About Being a Parent

The thing about being a parent, is that you can take the liberty of thinking your kid is the best/smartest/cutest/most talented/funny child that's ever come into existence, and no force on earth can change your mind.  Especially first time parents, that's really fun.  With Girlie, I remember calling J at work-- "Honey, she just looked at a toy hanging from her baby gym, and she reached for it!  ON PURPOSE!"  Those milestones that almost every baby eventually reaches, you celebrate.  When you look into your child's face, nothing could convince you that any baby was ever cuter and sweeter than this tiny thing.  Because, oh, look at that little button nose and those big blue eyes!  Have you ever seen such juicy little cheeks?  I once heard that no parent could openly admit that another child was cuter than theirs.  I think it's true, because parents really do think that their baby is the most wonderful.  We're programmed to do so, and isn't it great.  Because, seriously, if a mom doesn't have a child's back, who will?  We think our kids' jokes are the funniest we've heard, that their outside-the-box thinking is the most perceptive thing you've witnessed all day, and that your dressed up little princess is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.  Of course we do!  Just this morning, I watched Sweetie put pegs carefully into a bottle, and then dump them out, shaking them to empty it completely, and thought, "My kid is a friggin' genius."  And so we hug them and encourage them and love on them.  We squeeze them every time they'll let us near and stare into their big eyes as long as we can.  And we try to make them feel like they are the most amazing thing ever.  Because they are.

 A long while ago, I would hear that 'everyone is special' and I'd kind of think "Well, if everyone is special, then that makes no one special'.  And then I had kids, and I've learned that everyone really is special.  Each one of my four is so incredibly special I could scream.  I think my parents were really good at that, because I secretly think I am their favorite.  I actually think that each of my SIX siblings think they are the favorite too, but I don't have the heart to tell them.  As a parent, I can objectively compare strengths and weaknesses of my children, but I really, truly love each of them equally.  I completely adore, respect and admire each one of them.

The beautiful thing, is that with each child it multiplies.  One child is stunning, amazing, earth-shattering.  But to see that one child become a caring sibling, a caretaker, a sharer, a adds facets to their already glittering selves that you couldn't have imagined.  To hear your kids play together, to plot and pretend.  It fills your soul.  Recently, after a particularly trying day, I finally wrangled all four kids into bed.  I had had it.  And yet, as I passed through the loft that separates their bedrooms, I heard little voices chattering to each other.  The sound was so sweet I sat for a while on the top step just to listen.  I heard Sweetie babbling in her crib and Girlie cooing at her.  I heard the boys conversing about...something

Sammy (5):  What??  Swahili? 
Buddy (3):  Yes!!!

Who knows.

The giving and receiving love of a child is unparalleled.  For me, it's my world.  And that's a beautiful thing.

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wright said...

Love this post AND I love you family pics!

HangerMom said...

That header shot is awesome! Was it taken for that purpose - to be your blog header? Adorable.

And your post is spot on. After every child I wonder whether I could ever love another baby THIS MUCH?! And I always find that more kids just add new dimensions to my love. So yeah, I can. And the sibling-love... siblings are such a blessing to have given our children. I love it.

Thanks for writing and reminding me. Reminders are good.

Happy Mom said...

Such good, motherly thoughts. There's nothing like it and we need reminders like this.

And I ADORE the picture on your header!! It's simply stunning!!

Anonymous said...

so loving and makes me grateful I've ventured into this thing called parenting - Anisa