Thursday, August 4, 2011

Please Shine Down on Me...

The sun took a long time to arrive here in Seattle, but it appears the wait is over and we are finally getting the vitamin D we need.  While the rest of the country is being scorched, we are enjoying highs in the 70's.  I'm not complaining.  And now that we're shaking off the dreariness of the grey, I thought my interior should reflect that, so I've made a few tiny changes.  Maybe you need some ideas and you'll notice them.  J didn't at first.  You know, sometimes I don't think he even cares how our house is decorated...


-change window treatments to white
-new rug
-switch out art on left side
-redo mantel
-switch the garland and candles in window to simple floral arrangement (sorry there's not a better pic)

mantel (before)

mantel (after)
-switched dark mirror for window
-added summery artwork
-added clear, light, and natural elements

wall decor (before)

wall decor (after)
-switched from maps to some wrought iron pieces
(don't they make you think garden trellis and fancy patio furniture)

I actually have new paint waiting to go on the walls, and I was just inspired with new ideas for my powder bath.  As I started to tell J about it, he put his hand to my head and made a motion like he was turning down a dial.  "Can you ever turn off your need to change our house?" he asked.  I laughed and introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Melynie and I'm into interior design."

PS:  Yes, that's a new, huge window leaning on my wall.  J and I have big plans for it.  Different plans, but big plans nonetheless. :)

3 love notes:

Happy Mom said...

Just beautiful. Thank heaven,your good man let's you tinker and that you share.

Carolyn said...

Love it! What a difference, and I liked the before too, but the after is so fresh. I wish I could have you come help me with our house in Vegas. It is a new concept for me decorating something that is larger then I ever have had before... and trying to make our old stuff work. Plus I have a collection of decor that I have been saving over the years which I haven't ever used yet! I didn't want to put the effort into getting them out if we were just going to move again. But now we are settling here for a while! Wish we could trade services!!!!

mandy said...

Wow, that is gorgeous! LOVE the rug of course, and the new mantle is inspired. I hope you're still putting together my design book for my someday house, because it's getting closer! Where did you get that cute wrought iron oval? It's so pretty! ;) Ahh, I feel like I just got my Melynie fix for the day. Are the plans for the powder room still going forward? I need an update! LOVE you!