Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh, For Crying Out Loud

I know I'm a crier. I am, and I make no apologies. Maybe if there were more overly tender, crying people the world wouldn't be such a nutty place. But, during pregnancy, my crying kicks it up to a whole new level. The other day, I heard a song of the radio that reminded me of something (I am still not sure what it reminded me of, I just know that it must have been something) and I got all teary.

Have you seen that silly commercial about the little girl who loses her dog and is putting up signs, and this guy sees her and takes a picture with his phone and texts it to everyone he knows and the girl gets her dog back? Okay, first, I don't even know how to text. It ages me, I know, but seriously, how does anyone get the right letters to come up? So, this commercial is about technology that is embarrassingly out of my grasp, but it still makes me stifle a sob. When the girl sees her puppy again, and everyone is happy because, thank the technology gods, they could send this picture around and brings me to tears.

And, the other day, I was at Girlie's school. I was in the office, and I thought I would let the secretary know how much we adore our teachers (I'm not kissing up, I just believe in praising honestly when it's deserved), and as the sentence is midway through my mouth, I have to start smiling and blinking back the tears that have welled up, and quickly excuse myself with some rambling "get Little Buddy home for a nap" mumble. Because, sniff, these teachers are, sniff, just so...wonderful. {sniff}

And maybe if I were a 'pretty' crier, it would be a different story than the blotchy red face and mascara smudgies that I come up with. However, until I can get that wiring fixed (which is last on the list of imaginary procedures that I swear to have done when I'm finished bearing children), I will cry (somewhat unattractively) over the happy, the sad, and for no good reason at all.

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Devin & Anisa said...

There is something about a fellow crying that lets me smile too. Cute post.

Happy Mom said...

I hear ya girl!

I'm not even pregnant but spent the morning in tears numerous times (a really good class on the Book of Mormon that just hit me over and over again). I'm such a mess that I don't want to go get girlie-whirl from the bus 'cause I look just awful!!! But she's a kindergartner, so they won't let her off unless I'm there. They'll just have to deal with the puffy look.

Miss Mim said...

Ah, Melynie, It must be in our genes to get all puffy and tomato-faced when we cry. I understand COMPLETELY. I try to control my emotions for that reason alone!

Wright said...

Cheers to us criers!

Laura F said...

Oh, I'm so bad when I'm pregnant! Commercials are the WORST, too. But it is pretty funny you were so emotional at the school! If anyone ever asks why you're crying, and it's kind of a silly reason, just tell them it's because you miss me so dang much and sometimes the feelings just have to come out. :-) Feelings mutual!

Gina said...

Yippee!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you, my girlie girl friend!