Monday, February 1, 2010

Das ist gut, ja?

While the rest of you were whining about the cold, we were getting a little warm in Seattle, so we packed up the snow gear and headed two hours away to the little Bavarian town of Leavenworth. We spent the day in this charming little German town.

This is the view from the restaurant where we ate real German food--weiner schnitzel, German potato salad, spiced German cabbage, bratwurst sandwich and sauerkraut. J couldn't contain his snicker when the waitress said, "Well, all of our schnitzels are good." At the end of the meal, J and I decided that either we didn't like real German food or 'Cafe Christa' wasn't very good.
The snowy hill you see is where we did our first sledding.

The kids kept asking to take a ride. We kept asking them if they brought money.

We haven't had any snow this winter (not that I'm complaining about sunny, warm weather...), so the kids went crazy over sledding.

You can't tell, but Sammy is standing right next to an icy puddle that he kept barely missing.

Along this street was a cute German bakery where we had some mediocre cherry custard, a yummy raspberry turnover, and some 'cream bollen' that was di-VINE.

It was hard to get the kids to leave sledding.

Little Buddy wasn't a huge fan of the cold stuff. At one point he fell down on his belly and just yelled for help to get up, because he wouldn't put his hands down on the snow to help himself up.

How pretty is this???

Yes, I realize that he has a binky in almost every single picture. We're working on it.

We found another park, right by the waterfront where we went sledding again. It was a really wonderful, fun day.

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Jessica said...

Oh, how fun! We have been wanting to go there for some time now, but still haven't done it. Maybe soon! The bulk of my heritage is German and since actually going to Germany isn't quite feasible at this point, this is the next best thing. Maybe I could even brush off some of my German speaking skills :)

Did you just go for a day or did you stay over?

Things' Mommy said...

You should totally go, Jess! We just stayed for a day, and we were quite satified with that. There were tons of cute shops, but we didn't brave those with three kids. That cuts down considerably on time. :) I'd definitely get restaurant recommendations before you go, though!

Happy Mom said...

What a fun day!!! I love introducing my kids to new things, be it, a new culture, or sledding!!

JustusFam said...

ahhhh....Jay and I went there with his family before we were married. It is a really beautiful place. He took me and his sister skiing and we both ended up crying by the end of the day...I HATE SKIING!!! Have not gone since nor have plans to go again. That was such a simple time in my life.

Allison said...

When I read your title I was thinking to myself "Why is Melynie speaking Dutch?!" German food is wonderful. I guess you need to come to Germany to find out! You know I only live 1 hour from the German border!!!! (come visit!)

Wright said...

I loved the sledding pics! What a fun place! I'd love to come visit BOTH you and Allison....

Things' Mommy said...

Happy mom, I'll bet you are world class at introducing your kids to new things!!

Chris, I've been thinking about you. How is your calling going? And, yes, it is indeed a simple time where if you didn't like something, you simply didn't do it again. :)

Allison, do you KNOW how much I would love to come and visit you??? J came in, apparently having caught up on your blog and said, "I am sooooo jealous of the R... family!!"

Jenn, you can visit us ANYTIME!!!

Ringer said...

What a fun, fun day!! How fun to have that experience just a few miles from home.

dave&hannah said...

VERY cool little town. There are so many fun things there in Washington. (No battleship though... from what I hear.) R-- man reminds me SO much of spencer from some of those pictures! And that last picture of A--ers -- haha, he looks REALLy angry if you zoom in!

Laura F said...

Looks like a blast! And hey, let them eat cake! Or binkies! Whichever they prefer. How would you possibly resist those sweet eyes? I'm sure he won't take it to Kindergarten.

Miss you!