Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Yes, it's me whining again about the heat. Although, to be fair, the media is 'whining' too. It's not just hot here. It's, like, super. duper. hot here. Record breaking heat, people. We have now shamelessly busted through their (I say 'their' because, right now, I want no part of this madness) 100 degree 'record high'. This is the hottest it's been in Seattle. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Today, my minivan registered ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DEGREES. DID YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY (and notice that I spelled it out for added emphasis)? I REPEAT--ONE HUNDRED AND TEN DEGREES. Those mind-melting temperatures, scorching a place with no air conditioning. I shouldn't even be blogging right now. Who knows what will come out of my melted brain???

It has been so hot that I've been sleeping on the couch downstairs for the last two nights. It's too hot upstairs. The kids are sleeping down here in the office/craft room tonight. And by sleeping, I mean joyfully dancing around in their underwear, since I didn't make them wear jammies tonight. And we only 'air hugged' them goodnight. Again, too hot.

Last night, I didn't have it in me to cook. My liquified brain couldn't stand the idea of dragging the kids out grocery shopping, and the thought of adding a degree to my sun-drenched kitchen made me want to vomit. I served up steamed zucchini from our garden, sliced nectarines, and bread with homemade jam. An unconventional meal, to be sure, but it was the best I could do.

Why don't I do something about it, you ask? Because I can't. Air conditioner installers are booked for weeks. Costco, Walmart, Target, and Home Depot are sold out of fans and air conditioners. So, I turn to Plan B. If I can't bring the cool air to me, I'll bring me to the cool air. We suffered in the house until after Buddy's morning nap. Then we headed 30 min south to IKEA where I repentantly purchased window treatments (see previous post) and treated ourselves to frozen yogurt. Then we headed 45 min north to the mall play area. J met us there, where we dined on Panda Express in the food court for dinner. You've never seen the mall this packed. People lounging all around the fountains, the empty kiosks, the massage chairs at Brookstone, and the dressing room chairs. The food lines stretching way past Urban Outfitters.

Hotels are booked, pizza delivery places are hopping, and I suspect there's probably some price gouging of a/c units happening. It is insane. And, don't tell me to consider the pioneers, because I already have. I think that back then, they didn't have the global warming issues that we have now, and so it must not have been this hot. Otherwise, there's no way they could have made it to Utah.

I WILL make it through this, so help me. And if I don' can pick the rest of the zucchini in my garden.

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mandy said...

I think about my brother living in Las Vegas and wonder how the heck they do it? Oh yeah, they go from their air-conditioned house to their air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned store. It's like winter in the midwest--they do not go outside. Love that your kids were wearing underwear "jammies" tonight, too. Too bad my boys think it's soooo funny! No one's sleeping at our house tonight!

Becky said...

It's like a tomb over here at our house...the blinds are all closed and I won't let the kids turn on the lights. "But Mom...I can't see..."

JustusFam said...

its like 85 here...see you should have stayed!

Amy R said...

Ooh! I love zucchini! Oh, wait, I guess I don't want it that way. Please don't melt & die. It's like we switched weather for the summer. But unfortunately we all kept our a/c. Sorry about that.

Cory Elvidge said...

lol that is gross! Then add the humidity on top of that and that would be enough to make me figure out a way to illegally SLEEP at the air conditioned mall!