Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dinner Idea Two-fer

My gift to you? Let me plan dinner for a couple nights.

First night's menu:
(And, sorry I don't have a picture of this dinner. We're more focused on eating dinner than photographing it, usually. Just trust me, it's yummy.)

Grilled chicken (that was marinated with Grill Mates seasoning)
Pasta Salad (a kit makes it super easy, add fresh tomato and cucumber if you want to get really fancy)
Corn on the cob (you can also grill it to keep this blasted heat out of your kitchen)

Grill more chicken than necessary, because...

Night Two:

MANGO CHICKEN SALAD! This is our new favorite dinner and we've eaten it about 6 times in the last two weeks. Even my kids love it, which, I guess isn't saying much since my kids love most things....anyway... I got this recipe from my friend Traci and fell in love with it. Thanks, Traci!

The recipe is easy. It's just chopped ingredients, and you can vary the amounts according to your taste.

*Mango Chicken Salad*
Chopped chicken
Chopped green, red, and yellow peppers
Chopped cucumber
Chopped fresh tomatoes
Corn (I used frozen)
Can of black beans (drained, rinsed)
Chopped cilantro if desired

Serve over tortilla chips and drizzle with ranch dressing and lime juice.

Can I just say? Yum. And, so healthy!

There ya go. Don't say I never gave you anything.

5 love notes:

Zann said...

I know what we're having for dinner this week! Thank you Melynie!!!

Laura F said...

Sounds yummy, but I'm a little jealous your kids like everything! I thought mine did until they recently developed a dislike for anything but jello. At least they'll have strong fingernails, but in the meantime Justin and I are eating a lot of leftovers. This works into our plans great!

Sybrina said...

Sounds delish! I will have to try that one!

Brooksiechicks mama said...

thanks Melynie, this sounds awesome. can't wait to try it.

Zann said...

Melynie, we had the best chicken mango salad for dinner last night thanks to you!! It's a keeper for sure. I'm only bummed that Brady took the leftovers for lunch today because I'm really craving it right now. Yummy for sure girl!