Thursday, October 27, 2011

25 things you don't know about me

So they say it's my birthday, and in celebration of the fact that I am a year older, here are some things you probably didn't know about me.  I can do that since this is my blog and all.

1. Most of the time I listen to 'Frank Sinatra Radio' on Pandora, but sometimes I jam to Beastie Boys when the kids are napping.

2. Part of my lower lip is still numb from my wisdom teeth extraction 14 years ago.

3. If I had it to do again, I'd hyphenate my last name.  Sometimes I do it for fun.

4. I love fruit snacks, fruit roll ups, fruit gushers, etc.  The more sour the better.

5. I won a medal for Latin ballroom dancing in college.

6. In middle school, I played volleyball for a year.  I was on not A, not B, but the C team.  I was that good.  I still remember the time I got the ball.  Yes, the time.

7. I have a sneaking suspicion that my left foot is slightly shorter than my right.

8. I have a bad memory, and it can usually retain only good things. 

9. I think maybe I was meant for another time--one where people wear more pearls and cheek-kiss 'hello, darling'.

10. When I was little I had bad excema and even my 'best friend' called me red fungi face.  Since then I've never really put weight into how I or anyone else really looks on the outside.  I see beauty from the inside.

11. If the scale could bear it, I'd eat cheesecake every day.

12. I've played hide and seek in the Utah governor's mansion.

13. I'm a little afraid of things that have more or fewer legs than I have.

14. I've never completely agreed with the order of the alphabet.  I've always thought Q should go later, like maybe by V or something.

15. One of my favorite all-time jokes is from my high school physics teacher "There are three kinds of people in this world--those who can count, and those who can't."

16. I have a total crush on my husband.

17. If I could pick an imaginary mode of travel, it would definitely be bouncing.

18. I sang an opera-style solo in a recital while at BYU. 

19.  When I was little, I'd go into old beautiful buildings (like our  Andrew Carnegie city library) and I'd imagine that I lived there.  I'd decide what all the rooms would be, which one would be my bedroom, etc.  I still do. :)

20. My friends are like sunshine to me.

21.  There's a part of me that wants to pack up and move to the country with big, wide open spaces.  I think someday I'll probably do it.  I know, I wouldn't have pegged me as farmer material either.

22.  I find water chestnuts very creepy.

23.  My favorite interior "look" is "things that have been salvaged from old buildings".

24.  Every day I'm grateful for something. Usually it has something to do with my kids.

25.  I can't think of a 25th (it's too early), but it seemed like an appropriately-sized list number.

Tell me something about you.  Or something you know about me. :)

12 love notes:

Mandy said...

Happy bday, Melynie! A funny memory I have of you is the bread diet you did in high school. Before eating anything else, you had to eat 8-10 pieces of whole wheat bread (or something like that). Do you remember that? Oh, the crazy diets we do! :)

Megs said...

LOVE this blog post. I learned a lot and there are a few on here that I would like to discuss further. I think I got the most excited though when I saw number 9. I have mentioned to my friends before I wish I was a kisser. They thought it would be a little crazy to start now but I say we go for it!! That is how my mom and my sister greet each other (one on each cheek, we are so European) and I love it.

Melynie said...

Mandy, that's so funny! I have no recollection of that! (My bad memory, you know...:) ) How are you doing?? We won't be home for Christmas, so here's a *hug* for you since I won't see you!

Megs, let's DO it! We'll start a trend, and before you know it, our whole ward will be kissers too!

Aubrey said...

I wish I could have heard you sing at the recital. I don't remember you singing much the year we were roommates. Were you in choirs or voice classes? I do remember that when you were upset you would play the bumblebee song really fast on the piano. You are a great pianist, do you still play?
We have lots of wide, open spaces here in Boise, even not too far from downtown. Maybe someday...
I can't think of too many things that you might not know about me. I listen to Christmas music starting in October, does that count?
I hope you had a really great birthday. Did you do anything fun to celebrate?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Melynie! I knew we were kindred when i read #2 because I have the same cool thing going on with my lower lip:) I remember having a conversation with you one day about your secret to amazing skin. Vaseline......Who knew! I haven't tried it yet, but it is definately working for you:)

Melynie said...

Aubs, I was in choir and took voice lessons. It was fun, and kind of a personal mountain. :) I loved hearing YOU sing. Yes, I still play the piano, though mostly just teaching lessons and at night so my kids can go to sleep.

Juleen, we are kindred spirits for way more than numb lips, but funny to know about yours!!

jamie said...

this was very fun to read. thanks for sharing! i'm with you on feeling like i could live in a different era--while i'm not sure about pearls, i definitely could wear a 40s style dress every day!

Jessica said...

Loved reading this! I did this a while ago on my blog and I couldn't believe how hard it was for me to come up with 25 ;)

Reading your list just makes me love you even more. Hope you are having a great week of Birthday celebrations!

Melynie said...

Jamie, let's do it!! Although, my pick is the 60's. That's just fun!! I love dresses.

So funny, Jess! I read yours and laughed because when I saw you get down for 5 seconds at the mall a few weeks ago, I thought 'She totally dances like a black girl!' Nice moves!! :)

Happy Mom said...

What a fun post! (and happy b-day!) I want to play hide and seek with you in the Utah Govenors mansion and I wish I could hear your opera solo from your BYU days!

Gina said...

You know, none of this stuff surprises me about you! This list just makes me adore you more though! You are the most darling thing on earth - besides newborns.

I hope your birthday was a great one!

P.S. #6 was something I could have written. Same everything - 6th grade.

Melynie said...

Happy Mom, I would love to hear 25 things about you!! You're fascinating!

Gina, you're so cute. ;) We need to chat soon and catch up!