Thursday, December 11, 2008


Exciting thing: We have a contract on our St. Louis home.

Bad thing: Girlie just cut her own hair. Family pics are in 1 1/2 weeks.

Funny thing: Sammy thinks his hand has actual magical powers (thanks to the gas fireplace switch and a dad with a sense of humor). And he wears his undies backwards so he can see the picture better.

Ridiculous thing: I've been sucked into the black hole of facebook, where I waste too much time and refer to myself in third person.

Amazing thing: I got the Holy Grail of Christmas cards--a picture of all three kids, in front of the tree, matching holiday jammies, ALL looking at the camera, ALL smiling. At the same time.

Happy thing: Found my camera/computer cord so I can now post more pictures. Just couldn't think of one appropriate for this post.

Fun thing: Made popcorn chains to decorate our live tree with the help of "Miss Julia" and her cat "Milky" (who, even though played by Sammy, was a pregnant mommy cat), who insisted on eating more popcorn than creating festive decorations with it.

Excited thing: Can't wait to see our friends in St. Louis.

Wondering thing: Can any of those friends pick us up from the airport next Friday night?? (really)

Skeptical thing: "They" say our van is fixed. For real this time. I'll let you know in a few hundred miles.

Clean thing: Sammy, in the bathtub. Again.

Indulgent thing: Coach sunglasses, justified only by the fact that they are prescription. J and I are still in talks.

Romantic thing: J and I have a 4 minute date every night, walking to the mailbox after the kids are down.

Kissable thing: Little Red, who is so soft and squishy, and totally a mama's boy. We call him Master Oogway now (from Kung Fu Panda--he was the old turtle with no teeth, much like our little lip-smacking one).

Lucky thing: me.

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Amy R said...

We're glad we sucked you into the wasteland that is facebook. Just so there are fewer people out there in the world NOT wasting time on facebook, making us feel guilty.

Peterson Pack of Wild Dogs said...

K-this was a fantastic blog. I love your little thoughts. Ayva and Em's little Lex decided to be hairdressers the other day. Lexie started cutting Ayva's hair. There are big chunks cut out of the back, but i figure, who doesn't like "stacked in the back?" But then later after taking the scissors away, the girls come downstairs to see Ayva has so kindly repaid the haircut and taken not a chunk of hair in the back but a chunk straight smack in the front and center and pretty much to the root. Yes, lets just say Lexie is going to be growing that out the next 3 years and wearing a permanent barrett!

JustusFam said...

We are leaving for Christmas so we probably wont see you. :-( How long will you be here? We are leaving thursday.
I am really glad you seem so happy in your new location and the selling of your house is such a blessing. I too have been missing you. We got another new Music leader, and she keeps asking questions i cant awnser!

Liam's Mom said...

You are the cutest writer! I love your posts!

Congrats on the house deal! I hope all goes smoothly.

Loving that 4 minute date detail. Glad you get to do that every night.

Liam's Mom said...

Find me on facebook under "Gina Vinson"

The Wrights said...

You've done it again--your posts always make me smile. Congrats on the house--hope it goes w/o a hitch. We are leaving for Ut. on the 16th and won't be back until Jan 1--I am guessing that I'll miss you too ): Think of me & I'll think of you!

Devin & Anisa said...

A creative mind is wonderful - thanks for sharing yours. We would pick you up but we leave Thursday. So bummed I will miss you and the kids. Enjoy your time here!

Holly said...

Did you find someone to pick you up? I probably could do it if you still need someone. Email me at hollygoodrich@gmail if you are still in need.