Monday, December 15, 2008

Knock, knock. Who's there?

It was Gingerbread House Night at our place tonight. A thoughtful, yet fun-filled family home evening where we became confection architects while drawing thought-provoking analogies to "foundations" and the such. I was on one side of the table, working on the backside of the house. See House Picture #1. I carefully decorated the roof, added a palladian window for added interior light, the little sculpture gardens on either side of the door... Clearly, a place where some festive someone will bake treats and hum holiday tunes. And probably host a big holiday party.

On the other side of the table, though, other things were in the works. It may look like a normal, innocent, kid-and-dad constructed gingerbread house. See House Picture #2. Don't be deceived. If this had audio, you would have heard something like this:

Me: So guys, what is our family's foundation built on?

The others: The gospel. We need more frosting. Right here, by the powder attack things. When people try to get in, the powder will GET them!

Me: Right, the gospel--

The others: Okay, kids, here are the video surveillance cameras--

Me: --and Jesus Christ--please stop eating the frosting--

The others: I know, let's take out the powder attack things and put in sucky things! If they try to open the door, the sucky things will suck them in and get them. Can I have another gumball?

Me: What can we do to make our family's foundation stronger?

The others: MOTION SENSORS ON THE DOORS AND WINDOWS!! (cue maniacal laughter) YEAH! So, if they try to get in, the alarm will go off! And the sucky things will get them!! (more laughter)

Me: Okay, but what about prayer? Seriously, you're not going to have any candy left to decorate.

The others: I KNOW, I KNOW--we need some LASERS!! Right on top so they can shoot down! Yeah! They can shoot down if someone touches the FALSE DOOR KNOB!

Me: And love. We have to have love for each oth--

The others: Oh, cool, Daddy, a FALSE DOOR KNOB! What's a false door knob? We need more sucky things!

Me: Do you see that we all make up parts of our house? It's like we're each a par--

The others: The gingerbread guy is the guard! Yeah, the guard! We need more video cameras!! (cue more laughter)

Me: And I say these things--


Note to self: Nix the Jason Bourne movies before Gingerbread House Night next year... (no, not the little kids, just the big one)

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Amy R said...

Okay, so I'm sorry for you and all, but I have to admit Josh's FHE was more FUN than yours:0)You should have made Jesus a superhero in your lesson and then maybe you would have captured their attention:0)

JustusFam said...

Amy, I LOVE your are so a mother of a BOY!!
Your FHE sounded so cool! We are waiting to do ours after 24 hours of driving in the snow to Utah! "over the river and through the woods!"
We didnt have FHE...we had Basketball...we are driving the lights tonight for FHE! Well, I am sorry to say I will miss your visit to St Louis. But enjoy and maybe you could fill in for us in primary?? :-)

Kate Nelson said...

We also decorated a gingerbread house except ours seemed to generate too much competition between Grant and Ella (you know like ... "how come Grant gets to decorate that whole side" amd "Ella's using all the big candies"). Paul played referree while I kept Dallin from eating too much candy. Oh, and there was that moment when Grant bit the head off one of our Gingerbread men and then said, "since I already bit the head off, can I eat the rest" which promptly earned him a time-out and NO he did not get to eat the rest. Congratulations on the sale of your home. We are still waiting ..........

Aubrey said...

I love the Gingerbread house! It sounds like you had a great time! That's a great idea for a FHE lesson. And kids retain more than we think they do, I bet it wasn't lost on them. Have a great week!

Laura F said...

Wow, I'm really impressed you combined the gingerbread house with the foundation activity... we do a house every year but it's exhausting enough on its own! Loved the play-by-play - maybe next year you can do a gingerbread high rise building instead to make the security measures more interesting. Maybe have a gingerbread man hanging from the antenna on the roof or something. ;-) Congrats on the contract on your home!