Sunday, August 5, 2012

To the Man of My Dreams

12 Long, short, blissful, eventful, growing, fun years, if you can believe it.  I can't, because it seems like we just got married.  I look at our 'young' pictures and feel like it was yesterday, then I look up and wonder where in the world all these kids came from. 

Thanks.  I mean it, and not just for all those kids.

Thanks for letting me yell out my movie predictions of what is going to happen next.

Thanks for liking me better with no makeup.

Thanks for working hard to support our rock and roll lifestyle.

Thanks for being so even keel, to offset my crazy.

Thanks for muttering about the 'captive pricing model' at the Tulip Festival, because you know your finance nerd things always make me laugh.

Thanks for thinking I'm funny, because even if I'm not really, I am to you and that is enough.

Thanks for talking me through the births of our four kids.  I couldn't have done it without you.  Well, technically the baby probably would have still come out, but it wouldn't have been nearly as much fun.

Thanks for letting me dress you up in "that ridiculous outfit" (above) and suffering through another grueling round of family pictures.

Thanks for going along with most of my design ideas, even though they are "weird, so weird."

Thanks for teaching our kids ninja moves, using my furniture and sofa pillows.  Thanks a lot.

Thanks for being my absolute favorite, ever.

Thanks for loving me, despite me.  You're the best, my darling husband. I love you, forever.

Happy Anniversary.

3 love notes:

Staci said...

I love it! Happy 12th anniversary! TWELVE! It sounds so huge, right? But what an action packed dozen years it's been.

Gina said...

We are right behind you in two weeks! Happy Anniversary to one of our favorite couples! You guys are so GREAT!

Aubrey said...

Happy Anniversary! You're a great couple. I miss you guys!