Friday, August 17, 2012

A Tiny Party

So, yes, her party was in May, but I'm a tad behind (chronologically speaking).  So here are a few pics from Girlie's Tiny/American Girl party.  She had so much fun with all her friends and their dolls.  Above, I baked her cakes in tin cans and presented them on cupcake stands.

Tiny fruit kabobs on toothpicks

The tiny buffet.  Bite-sized sub sandwiches made with breadstick 'hoagies', tiny lunchmeats and cheeses, lettuce, pearl onions and grape tomatoes.  Also on the menu: tiny tacos, small cinnamon rolls, petite cupcakes, tiny milkshakes.

The cinnamon rolls were made from crescent roll dough. Who doesn't love a guilt-free cinnamon roll?

Slices of personal-sized watermelon, anyone?

Tiny drinks in bathroom-sized cups and half straws.

The photo booth was a big hit.  These girls like to put on a show. :) The backdrop was a striped sheet.

The birthday girl with a good friend from school.

They made doll bracelets from tiny beads, and paper flowers (from an American Girl Crafts kit).
I forgot to take a picture of the goodie bags, but they were tiny tote bags with a tiny paint set, erasers that look like little food (Target), miniature composition books, pencils, ...I can't remember what else.  It's been too long...)

J made miniature ice cream cones with caramel Bugles "cones" and tiny cartons of ice cream (we had big ones for back up).

"Just my size!" she thinks.

Happy Birthday (in May) to my own sweet American Girl!  The loveliest person I know.

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Aubrey said...

You throw such amazing parties! I hope your kids know how lucky they are! Maybe next year I'll get creative...
Keep the blog posts coming, I love to see what you guys are up to and see the amazing things you create.
It's great that you have such a supportive husband who helps with all your fun activities. Yay J! Helpful husbands are the best!
Have a great week!

dave&hannah said...

This is only completely adorable! It's so very girly and perfect for your little sweet one. Can't wait until I can plan awesome birthday parties!

Sarah Ringer said...

I love this! And I love that cute birthday girl!! Give her a squeeze from her favorite aunt! Makes me want to throw a tiny party just for the sake of throwing a tiny party--just so fun!